“There are two things you can do with these powers. These powers are called ‘ashtama siddhi’. One is that you can ignore these powers and start your journey towards me. If you are happy and contended with these powers and begin to enjoy these powers, your final destination (that is me) moves away from you. One thing is that you do not attain ‘self realisation’ and the second thing is that you continue to have rebirths and its accompanied difficulties. Whatever difficulties you had undergone to reach this point, will all go waste and unrewarded. But when you choose the path of merging with me, and proceed further leaving aside and ignoring these powers, you become God yourself. I am talking about my form, without attributes, without likes and dislikes, without activities. There are no tatwas here. You not only merge with me, the divine father, you also merge with the divine mother, who had taken strains to leave you here. Your divine father and mother combine is called ‘the Absolute’ or ‘the Supreme’. Once you identify yourself with the Absolute form of mine, you will never be reborn in this universe. Now I answer the questions raised by me earlier, one by one. How she will get the intent to show my real form to you? She will never get intent to reveal my unblemished true form. If she shows you the real form, you will be charred to death. When she removes the sheath around me, will all of you be able to see me? No. Not all can see me. She will remove the veil partially to those aspirants who had taken sincere efforts to realise my formless form. Without her help can any one see me? No, it is not possible at all. She alone can help and nobody else. She plays around with delusion or maya. As a result of maya, you start looking at me as different from you. In reality you are not different from me. Maya makes you to think otherwise. This is called duality. This duality is the real culprit. How she can be persuaded to show my form? She can be persuaded by destroying your ego. She helps those, who could merge their inner consciousness (your mind, intellect and ego) with the supreme universal consciousness (the Absolute). Those persons, who identify themselves with her, need not meditate, need not concentrate and they need to do nothing. In this stage your mind attains stillness. How this stillness can be reached? It can be reached by dissolving your ego into intellect and intellect into mind. Thus the mind becomes still. This is exactly the reversal of the process of creating karmas. There you had seen that your mind induced your intellect and intellect induced your ego to perform karmas. Not only this. There is another significant contributor. This is your karma. Unless all your karmas are exhausted, you cannot reach this stage. Now I am going to teach you a simple breathing exercise. (To be continued)