“This breathing exercise will enable you to have a complete control of your mind. “Now sit erect, loosen your body and breathe slowly. Now, concentrate within yourself, on the point which measures 12 fingers from the tip of your nostrils. This is where your heart chakra is situated. Normally 12 fingers measure about 12 inches. Now inhale slowly up to the point where you focus your concentration, which is your heart chakra. Now exhale slowly and concentrate at a point measuring 12 fingers from your nostrils outside your body. This point will be positioned exactly opposite to your heart chakra. The only thing is that this point is outside your physical body. Let us call the inner point as A and the outer point as B. Now inhale from B towards A. Exhale from A to B. Your focus should be totally on these two points and the travel of breath between these two points. Your breathing should be slow and steady. When you are concentrating on this inhalation and exhalation, any other thought process happening in your mind will get dissolved in this breathing exercise. You will start realising your inner self gradually. Practice this whenever you find time, of course only on your empty stomach. Any breathing exercise should be practiced only when your stomach is not full. “I told you earlier that my shakthi will leave you at a point where you will get eight types of powers. Some of you may not be interested in these powers and may not even like to test, whether you have attained these powers.

Then how will you realise that you are nearing me. You will become silent and will not mingle with others. Since your thoughts will be focused on me, you will be shedding tears and you will become very emotional. You become detached from your near and dear. You loose your interest in your physical body. Such qualities will be predominant while you are in your last leg of your journey towards me. The moment all your karmas are exhausted, you leave your physical body and you will never have any physical body in future. Whatever I have discussed with you so far, will enable you to understand that you are not different from me. You are part of me always. The only thing that differentiates you from me is your mind. The human brain is designed by me in such a way, that every one of you can create newer things in this universe, which will help the humanity as whole to co exist in a peaceful way. I am the embodiment of Love. That is why learned people say Love is God. But, unfortunately you differentiate yourselves on the basis of religion. How there can be a second religion, when the God is one, and the shape of every human is one.

There is one thing in this whole universe which is available in plenty, much more than the air you breathe, but was failed to be noticed. It is lying uncared for, like an old orphan in a snow clad road. This is called universal love. Unless you seek it, you will not get it. This is the one thing that can be sought and given without any effort. What you need is the right frame of mind, intellect and ego. It is waiting for you, like a baby waiting for its mother. The baby smiles and laughs on seeing its mother as the baby knows its mother alone will take adequate care. Love is lying in plenty ready with its open hands looking at you sadly for your care. But you do not understand its anguish. You are not in right frame of mind to understand this universal truth, as love has no religion. You run here and there seeking some thing that is perishable and also make you perish. “It has been already informed that I will meet the media at the end of my speech. You may also have some doubts. Those who need clarification may send an email to ravi@manblunder.com. All your doubts will be clarified, when I meet the media. Next to universal love, there is another thing in waiting. It is Universal Truth. Let us now look at this aspect. (To be continued)