What is Truth? Truth is nothing but the observations made by your senses, channelised in the form of sound, without any distortion. What is the origin of truth? It originates from your five senses. What is the difference between sound and truth? No difference at all. The sound originates from the merger of Prakasha and Vimarsha form of mine. When the passive energy of mine merges with the active energy of shakthi, the kinetic energy of sound is produced. The sound also originates in your body, in the form of kundalini shakthi. In your physical body, the sound originates at your base chakra, traverses through various other higher chakras and delivered as speech. If it is delivered without distortion, it is called truth and if it is delivered with distortion it is called lie. If there is lack of co-ordination between your mind and senses, you deliver a distorted speech, which means you are lying. Most of you at most of the times speak only the truth. Let me take an example. You realise through sense organs and feel your hunger. You have to express in the form of words and let others know that you are hungry. This is not a distortion of facts, hence this is the truth. You are in the midst of a place where stale food is kept.

The owner of this food is offering you this. When you say that you are not hungry, it is the distortion of truth, hence called lie. It is your mind that distorts the fact. In both the situations you feel the hunger. In the first case, your mind makes you to say the truth as you want to satisfy your hunger. In the second case, your mind makes you to distort the truth as you do not want to satisfy your huger with the stale food. I am not going to deliberate on the origin of speech using the bombastic words like para, pashyanthi, madyama, vaikari, nada, bindu, kala and all those. Any thing uttered contrary to the truth is not good in several ways. If you tell a lie, your bad karmic account is credited. Second thing is that you are training your mind to tune itself to deliver something that is not truth. Your mind is your worst enemy. If it is tuned to bad wavelength, it will stick on to that. It may become very difficult for you to get out of the clutches of an evil mind. Only in order to train your mind in the right direction, truth is emphasized. If you tell a lie, you have to dress it with so many lies to make it appear as truth. But, this appearance will only be deceptive and will be exposed at certain point of time. Once exposed, you will be called a liar. Nobody would like to be called as a liar. Truth is another form of mine. Like my form, truth is also invisible. When you are identifying you with truth, it means you are identifying yourself with me. Under no circumstances, you should utter a lie. If you do that, you are moving farther away from the Absolute. Questions to God can be mailed at ravi@manblunder.com  (To be continued)