God meets the press, live chat with God, meet the God – These are the headlines in print and electronic media. Still there is one more hour for the commencement of the God’s speech. We are catching up with one of the leading TV channels and let us listen to the commentary by its reporter. The reporter is excited on seeing the sea of humanity. “I could see only heads. There is a huge traffic jam in the roads leading to the venue. In my opinion there should be at least a million people here and more and more are coming in. The venue is already full. Huge TV screens have been placed in almost all the roads. I could see at least 1000 TV cameras. There is a huge enclosure for the press. We have another hour to go. (The TV screen is showing count down timers). My colleague who is five Kilo Meters away from the venue reports that more than 2000 TV camera men are caught in the traffic jam. There is a huge dais, decked with flowers brought from various countries. There is a huge throne in the centre. A size smaller to this throne is next to it. There is an enclosure in front of the dais. I could see many rishis sitting here. The whole place is vibrating. The only disturbing factor is the lack of adequate lighting arrangements. Drinking water cans are kept in every corner.” The news caster from the studio cut the reporter short and asked him to inform the viewers, about how the God would arrive. Reporter started again. “I am happy that you have asked about this point. This is what everybody is asking. But there is none to give an answer. Nobody is aware about this. We have hardly 20 minutes for the appointed time. Oh! I am seeing a person in the dais. He is taking over a mike. I think he is going to say some thing.” “Any idea about this man? How does he look like” asked the woman from the studio. “No idea about this man at all. He looks very simple. I think he is going to make some statement. Let us hear him.” The man in the dais started addressing the gathering. All the TV cameras are zooming on him. Press reporters are getting ready. But there is no movement from the rishis’ enclosure. “I extend a hearty welcome to all of you. I also thank the media for having taken immediate efforts to cover this event live.

I just want to brief you about the agenda. The God and the Goddess will arrive at the appointed time of 8.00 a.m, which is 15 minutes from now. First God will speak to all of us. Then he will take questions from the press. Nobody knows about the duration of this event. I personally believe that the duration depends upon our interaction with the God. You will be eager to know about me. I did penance for years to seek the God. Pleased with penance God appeared before me. I was with the God for the past few days. I can see God, but most of you cannot see him, but can listen to his voice. He will be visible to the rishis sitting here. God delivering a speech is unheard of in this earth. It is He who has asked me to make all these arrangements. Beyond this, I have nothing to say. The God should be here in another ten minutes. Be prepared to listen to his speech very carefully.” By saying this, the man left the stage. “Did you hear what he said? We may not be able to see God. I think this will disappoint most of our viewers. Most of the audiences here are waiting to have a glimpse of the God, but now it appears as a distant dream. I could hear a few voices here about the genuineness of the whole thing” said the reporter. “Do you have any doubt about he genuineness of the programme?” asked the studio woman. “No. I do not have any doubt. Wait. I am seeing a powerful and glowing light moving towards the stage.” said the reporter.

All the TV cameras are focusing on that light. A highly exited reporter was shouting at the top of his voice “I have never seen a light like this in my life. It is several times powerful than the Sun. But it appears that this light powerful light is covered by something else, which reduces the intensity of this light. I cannot explain this phenomenon.” “Yes! I can also see that. I am very happy that all of our viewers are able to watch this wonderful phenomenon live” Shouted the woman in the studio. “I am seeing this light moving towards the throne placed in the stage. Oh! Now I am seeing this light on the throne. Now the man who spoke a few minutes ago is going near that light. Yes, he is saying something to the light. Now the man is returning to the mike. Oh, now I am seeing the light going dim and another light like the moon is seen on the smaller throne. I think the man is going to say some thing to the audience.” said the reporter. “In a minute the God will speak to all of us. There is no audio system and His voice will be heard all over the universe” said the man. The God started his speech.