This is the continuation of Ashtama siddhi. Naval chakra is one of the important chakras in our body. If you concentrate on this chakra, you can view your internal organs of the body like an x-ray. There are two reasons for identifying this chakra to know about the internal organs. One is that this chakra is in the middle of our body. Second is that a baby is nourished in the womb through a tube connected to its naval. If you concentrate on the hollow of the throat, you will not feel the hunger and thirst. Yogis spent years together without food and water by following this meditation.

When you meditate, you should never bend your spinal cord and there should be no movements in your body. If you meditate focusing your attention on your manubrium, there will be no movements in your body and also controls your thoughts. Manubrium is the place that is slightly protruding just below the hollow of the throat. This is also called kurma nadi. Nadi means nerve. This kurma nadi is one of the important nadis that are utilized during kundalini meditation. To prevent any blockades in the nadis, stretching exercises are done. By doing stretching exercises there will be free flow of energy into these nadis.

Meditating on manifested bright light above your top head chakra or sahasrara chakra will give you vision to have darshan of great siddhas. Siddhas are self realised saints. They are very powerful and mostly appear in a camouflaged form. They will have all types of siddhis. Generally these siddhas are categorized under three groups. The first group of siddhas is capable of giving you whatever you ask for, including material wealth. The second group will never give you material prosperity but will take you closer to God. They will give you plenty of divine knowledge. They will guide you in the right direction. The last group is the supreme group among the three and is extremely powerful. They will correct you wherever you go wrong. They can show you the God. Their simple glance at you will totally change your life and is capable of energizing your body, by raising your kundalini energy.

When you meet an evolved soul, normally without you practicing kundalini meditation, your sahsrara chakra will become very active. You will feel some pressure in the top of your head. Without you knowing, your body will draw energy from him. These are some of the siddhis that we can acquire by sheer practice. For you and me these types of siddhis may not be possible, but certainly we can reach a stage closer to this position. The only thing that is required is dedicated practice. Patanjali attaches great importance to samyam. Samyam is made up of two words sam+yamam. Sam means complete and yamam means discipline.

Samyamam abridged as samyam means total discipline. We require total discipline both for body and mind. If any one of them is weak, the other will not effectively function. We have already discussed this in detail about body and mind. One thing you have to remember is that such types of siddhis are not miracles but science of physiology and psychology. We will discuss more on this subject in the subsequent postings.