This is part XVIII of kundalini series. Now that we are in the midway of kundalini series, we should know a little more about the effect of kundalini meditation. Earlier we have discussed about karma. When you are able to take the kundalini to sahasrara or the top head chakra, you will be liquidating all your karmic account. As I said earlier, God will never by pass the rules laid down by him. It is true that your karmic account will become zero if kundalini reaches sahasrara, but it will not become zero over night. You have to exhaust the balance in karmic account by yourself. How do you think that this would be exhausted? It is only by means of your personal sufferings. Exhausting by means of sufferings on account of financial problems, health related issues, issues with your kith and kin, etc. The sufferings will be sometimes intense and acute. The higher the intensity of your sufferings, faster is your karmic account nearing nil balance.

If you are practicing kundalini meditation, you will certainly realise this. But do not get upset on account of your sufferings. You shall have no more births and its associated sufferings. It is better to suffer today than to suffer births after births. Human birth is the greatest boon given to us as an opportunity to merge with the Supreme. You can call this Supreme in whatever form you like. But if you are an advanced practitioner of kundalini meditation, you will never get associated with forms. Apart from what we have discussed above, you would like to stay alone. You may not like others association, including your own family. You would like to maintain silence. If you choose to speak, your speech may be irrelevant. You may not feel hungry. You will consume more water. You may not bother to maintain your external appearance. You may not get adequate sleep, but at the same time you will never feel tired. You may not be able to realise the weather, be it hot, cold or rainy. Your entire awareness will be with what you are trying to seek. Please understand that you are not a fully realised person at this stage. But, definitely you are on the right track. Your spiritual journey is about to end. Your sufferings will certainly be recognized and rewarded.

If you have passed the test of patience, your reward will be much more than what you expect. Please do not lose your patience. Just continue to keep your cool for some more time. Mind is your best friend at this stage. Keep your company with it. Let it not stray away from you during your last lap. The prakasha vimarsha maha maya swarupini (kundalini is known as Shakthi) is waiting for you in her empire. At this stage, you begin to realise that time is the only barrier. You begin to feel that time is not passing away as it used to be. The fact is that you start losing your patience and this should not happen to you. That is why I said keep your mind with you by not allowing to stray away. Mind will do all gimmicks at this time. It never wants to be controlled and it will try its level best to control you. But you always need your mind to move your kundalini still further up and up and up. You know very well the hurdles you have crossed, the sacrifices you have made, the miseries you have undergone all these days to reach this level. The impact of your karmic account will be felt when your kundalini reaches the heart chakra. It is time for you to know what is in store for you. Your journey from here will not be steady and smooth. There will be lot of hurdles. You are now put into severe test. With your level of tolerance, the intellect you have gained from your experience, your highest degree of patience and perseverance you will surely pass this test with honors.