We know that the Brahman is exists, but we do not initiate steps to realise it. For example we know that sunflower seeds have oil inside. But unless it is crushed, it is not possible to extract oil. Therefore, unless we initiate steps, we cannot realize the Brahman. The first step in this direction is meditation. That is why meditation is called a tool, a tool used by us to realize the Brahman. What do we do in the meditation? The fact is that we are not able to focus our mind more than a few seconds. The initial step in meditation therefore is will power and well defined goal. We get will power by repeated affirmations. We have to mentally affirm that we are all set to realize the Brahman within. This affirmation is very important. The affirmation is to be done not only during meditation, but all the time. In a way, this can also be called as perpetual meditation. Affirming the same thing several times raises the level of concentration and better focus on the subject of meditation.

This concentration is the basic requirement for proper meditation. For example we can make the following affirmations. “I am the Brahman” or “I am now seeking the Brahman” etc. Once you are convinced with your own affirmations, your affirmations start working for you. You get your will power by repeated affirmations that helps you to reach your goal fast. The first stage is performing our duties, such as rituals. The next stage is pranayama, the breathing techniques. The third stage of mind control is attained by good control over breath. I would like to call pranayama or breathing techniques as just watching your breath. Observe every inhalation and exhalation with rapt attention. Concentrate on the gap between inhalation and exhalation. Once your mind is under your control, your sense organs are also under your control. Then meditate, focusing on the Brahman within. Why we should focus within when we say that Brahman exists everywhere? The idea is to begin this realization first from you. Once you realize the Brahman within you, the next would be to see everybody as the Brahman.

This concept we will take up for discussion later. So, once you realize the Brahman within, the next stage is that you merge with him. Now you can call yourself as “I am That”. But to become a fully blessed person, you need more knowledge at this time. Basically self realization is not that difficult to attain. It has been made as difficult by prescribing too many measures, by attaching too much of importance on meditation, talking about kundalini etc. More than all these, the internal search or exploring within is important.