Is it possible to know the soul without the assistance of a guru? Or, are some gurus internal -- in other words, meeting him or her in the physical dimension is not required? In my honest opinion, it is difficult to realize the soul without an expert guidance. There are hundreds of texts available explaining the soul. They can at the most give some inputs for us to know what soul is. There is a huge difference between knowing the soul with the aid of knowledge and realizing the soul with the help of a guru who already had the experience of the soul. In the initial stages of a spiritual journey, the texts can help but when one makes progress, the requirement of an experienced master will be felt. When one is able to move his consciousness to the higher planes, contacts with great masters are established. In such a situation the physical dimension of a guru is not necessary. Every further step will be guided by them and they never allow one to take the wrong route. They will protect the practitioner like a treasure. They will take complete control of the practitioner. When our thoughts are focused only on realizing the soul, the master himself comes to the practitioner.