We have elaborately discussed about Kundalini in 30 articles, all posted under the label kundalini in this blog. Let us share a little more information on kundalini. Is kundalini deaf? Yes, she is deaf indeed! As long as she is not disturbed in her deep slumber, she is not active and loves to sleep. But when she is awakened, she becomes totally restless. She too will have desire when she is awakened. She would like to meet her spouse Shiva at the crown chakra at the earliest. The awakened kundalini is very aggressive. She will not listen to your requests and suggestions. When she becomes aggressive, she ascends through any of the possible routes that are easily accessible to her. We have discussed in depth about the problems of kundalini ascending through wrong channels. In order to make her ascend through the central canal of the spinal cord, we have to ensure that there are no blockages in the central canal. If the blockages are heavy, she will ascend on the wrong side, which leads to multiple complications, both at the physical and psychological levels. Mostly, the blockages occur in the granthis or knots of the nervous system. Blockages occur due to various reasons, the main one being our habits. Kundalini is divine and this energy can be aroused only by the divine will.

The will of God again depends on our karmas. We know that God will not break His own laws, the law of karmas. Therefore our karmas alone will influence God’s will. In order to have a good karmic account, we have to develop good thoughts as thoughts are transformed into actions, thereby affecting our karmic account. The underlying concept is what you sow that you reap. Bad thoughts cause blockades in the path of kundalini. When the density of such thoughts is too hard, kundalini will not wait to pierce the blockades and instead ascend through an alternate route. This is the problem with most of the practitioners of kundalini. The initial euphorbia in waking up the kundalini is not pursued with regular practice.

Normally, it takes about six years to reach a certain stage of kundalini meditation. At the time of each meditative session, kundalini is to be raised from the base chakra to the crown chakra, cleansing each of the chakras. After reaching the crown chakra, kundalini is to be brought back to the base chakra. Normally this ascent and descent takes about an hour. Any deviation from this practice causes blockades in the central canal of the spinal cord. Blockades are caused only by our own actions. Such blockades have to be removed only by adjusting our life style and habits, apart from regular practice. We have to choose between divinity and desire. The choice is ours.

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