Gita series – part 25. Bhagavad Gita Chapter II - Verses–50 - 52:

Krishna continues to explain the importance of yoga. “The one who has an even mind gets rid of both virtues and vices, even during this life. Therefore, be with this yoga which is the art of executing all actions. Those wise men with balanced mind, by surrendering the fruits of actions, free themselves from the bondage of death, reach the Supreme place. When your wisdom fully transcends the darkness of delusion, then you reach the stage of callousness to the matters that have been heard and yet to be heard”. Mind should be trained in such way that it considers both happiness and sorrow on the same level. Normally mind controls our actions and instead if we could tame the mind to be under our control, then the mind is said to be even or balanced. This stage of the mind is called yoga or yogic mind. The level of individual consciousness merging or uniting with the universal consciousness is yoga. In such a situation, ego is isolated. When ego is isolated, mind loses its best friend to instigate and influence it. When it loses its best friend mind, for a moment unable to find a proper direction, it comes under our control. When ego is isolated, mind is made to realize that it cannot claim ownership for the actions done by it.

By further practice it is made to realize that it is the Brahman who is responsible for all the actions performed by it. If the mind is not tamed, then it is influenced by the senses and afflicted by ego and attaches importance to the gross body. All the actions of the body are carried out by the mind only and this is the reason why it gets influenced by ego and takes undeserved or false credit for the fruits of actions. Why yoga is considered as important? Yoga attempts and succeeds to bring out the best within, to isolate the ego from the Self by means of pure knowledge or the knowledge for self-realization. Yoga is a tool that connects mind, body and soul and does not differentiate them as different entities. It attempts to unify this trio on the spiritual plane as opposed to mind that works on the physical planes. Yoga should not be construed as a physical experience but as a coordinator between body, mind and soul. Yoga in its advanced stage makes one realize the eternal Truth. But such a transition has to be gradual and cannot happen at a faster pace as this would derail the process itself. That is why Krishna attaches greater importance to Yoga in the beginning chapters.

The experience of yoga leads to wisdom. Krishna calls the experienced as wise men. Wise men do not attach importance to the results of actions as they surrender the fruits of actions to the Brahman. Such unconditional surrender becomes possible only if ego is totally dissolved. But it is possible that it could rear its ugly head at anytime, if the mind is not properly trained to function without the influence of ego. This is known as the supreme sacrifice that happens at the doors of God. The fortunate ones who could tame their minds to function without influence of ego and senses, become out of bound for emotions to influence. If such a stage is attained, he transcends the cycle of birth and death. His free will is ready to take him for final liberation. The matters heard and yet to be heard means the level consciousness. When the consciousness reaches higher levels it also transcends time and space. The highest level of consciousness is beyond light and sound. There exists nothing except this consciousness, all alone ready to merge and be with the Supreme Brahman.

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