What is the difference between Jiva and Atma? Jiva is soul and atma is God. I had one more question. I had told you earlier that when I saw the picture of (some name has been referred) Ma, I was really moved. Is it OK if I visualize Her instead? It comes so much more naturally to me. God does not have a form and in whatever form you are comfortable with, that is your God. Whenever I see the image clearly, I tend to forget chanting and everything else. The only thing which is there is that image. And the awareness that She is not with me yet. That in itself induces a great longing and agony in my heart for Ma, which I could express in a very limited way. Mantra is merely to control your mind from wandering. When you reach the higher planes of consciousness, the image also will fade out leading to a pure bright light. You have an illusionary awareness that is leading you nowhere. Instead of focusing your attention, you are diffusing it. Continue to be associated with your normal life that is being directed by Her. You are not doing anything; it is She, who is empowering you to act. Ma is with you in every action you do and still you want to find Her as a separate entity? I sometimes wonder as to why Ma does not reveal Herself. Part of me says that there are still impurities within me which obscures my perception of Her. The other part says that it is simply because She does not hear me. Which of these is true? What more can I do for Her to reveal Herself? Is it simply a matter of time? If so can anyone say how much? Who told you that Ma has not revealed Her to you. She has already revealed Herself, but you are not mature enough to realize Her. The affirmations we make in life are important. Positive thoughts lead to positive results and negative thoughts lead only to negativities. The concept is important in perception. When the concept is wrong, perception is obscured. Are you not listening to what you reveal as sound? When you are able to hear what you speak how can you say that She is not hearing you? Do not treat Her as a separate entity.