Dhyāna verses of Kāmakalā Kālī

(source: Mahākālasaṁhitā Kāmakalākālīkhaṇḍaḥ)

(This is an edited version. Readers discretion is advised as some descriptions are repulsive in nature)

Kāmakalā Kālī is like the redness at dawn, like red hibiscus. Her eyes are like Cuckoo bird and appear like jambul fruit (Jamun or jambu). Hair is thick and long, reaching her feet.  Her three eyes appear like burning coals. Her face is like a full moon and a red lotus. Two long upper teeth are protruding and hence compared to red lotus (petals of a lotus flower). Her form is frightening because of her dangling tongue.  All her thirty two teeth are visible as her mouth is open.  Her head is constantly shaking and her form is terrible.  She drinks blood from the human heads hanging from her neck. She has a crooked shoulder. There is blood on her forehead. Her ear ornaments are hanging down, reaching her shoulders.  She is wearing a huge white necklace made of human heads from which blood is constantly dropping.  She is wearing a waist band made up of children’s heads woven together with intestines. She has long sixteen arms. Her hands are adorned with human skulls. She is wearing bangles made of blood vessels of the dead. The kaṭisūtra (girdle around her waist) she is wearing is a rope made from the hair of the dead.  Dead children’s hands are woven together to make the chain (waist-girdle) around her waist.  In her fingers, she wears rings made of flesh and bone marrow.

In her right hands, she holds a sword, trident, chakra, arrow, hook, lālan (a poisonous animal that looks like mouse), clippers and chain made of skulls and bones. In her left hands, she holds noose, axe, snake, bow, hammer like weapon, jackal’s baby and a cup made of skull filled with blood, fat and marrow. She is wearing an anklet interwoven with skeletal bones. She is in the graveyard amidst burning pyres and she is standing on the back of a vast dead body. The fire coming out of her mouth is spreading in all directions. She is standing on one foot and has lifted the other foot, ready to step forward. On her either side, two terrible looking jackals are standing, who spit fire from their mouths. These jackals, which look like burning coals surround Kāmakalā Kālī and look at her constantly. She keeps feeding them with heads from a cup made of skull and they keep on eating.Her hair is not tied or combed. She laughs wildly and noisily which is frightening.  She has a short form and laughs always.  

During annihilation, she is like billions of suns and a billion lightening. She ends a period (yuga). She eradicates enemies and is terrible.

Kāmakalā Kālī Mūlamantra:

ॐ क्लीं क्रीं हूं क्रों स्फ्रें कामकलाकालि स्फ्रें क्रों हूं क्रीं क्लीं स्वाहा।

om klīṁ krīṁ hūṁ kroṁ sphreṁ kāmakalākāli sphreṁ kroṁ hūṁ krīṁ klīṁ svāhā |

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