This is part XIV of kundalini series. We have already seen that mind is the main instrument in moving kundalini from one chakra to another. The concentration of the mind is to be supplemented by certain yogic and breathing exercises. It is quite possible that some of you could not have activated the kundalini to make her ascend. There is yet another posture which may be of some help. Stand erect, with your feet apart and raise your arms above your head and keep the palms touching each other. Now begin other exercises mentioned earlier. For our convenience let us go through the process once again, though it is a repetition. The following exercise is only for those who are not able to activate the kundalini with the help of the exercises mentioned in the earlier postings.

As a matter of fact raising of kundalini by means of yoga and pranayama is not correct, though in today’s busy situation, they have to necessarily complement the mind. Please stand erect with your legs apart. Raise your arms above your head and keep your palms touching each other. If you feel comfortable, you can even lock your fingers. After a few rounds of normal breathing, take one deep inhalation. As you proceed with the inhalation, you should simultaneously do moola bhandha. Moola bhandha should be complete when you finish your deep inhalation. In other words, deep inhalation should stop after completing moola bhandha. Feel the kundalini ascending through the spine due to the pressure of moola bhandha. Your visualization should synchronize with your inhalation and moola bhandha. With moola bhandha still on, start exhalation slowly by bending your neck forward slightly so that your cheek is closer to your chest. You will feel the pulling sensation again in your spine.

During exhalation, ensure that you push your stomach (contraction) towards you. Now you are applying three pressures on the kundalini. One is the moolabhandha, two is the contraction of the stomach and three is the forward bending of the neck. Apart from this three, your raised arms will aid upward movement of kundalini. It is always advisable to exercise extreme caution in doing these exercises. If you become conversant with this, surely your kundalini will ascend, but you need to have patience. The structure of human body is devised in such a way that kundalini can traverse through its defined path. Arousal of kundalini in a slow and steady pace is like a tremor. Arousal of kundalini in a rapid manner is equivalent to an earthquake. When you feel the tremors you continue to exist, but in the case of earth quake your existence is doubtful. The arousal of kundalini does not imply that you get super human powers. No doubt, in the advanced stage of kundalini meditation your individual consciousness begins to taste the power of supreme consciousness or universal consciousness. But remember that individual consciousness cannot become supreme consciousness.

The former can become a part of the latter but not the latter itself. In the same way your individual consciousness can become a part of supreme consciousness. Becoming a part of the supreme consciousness endows certain siddhis of super human powers on you. Becoming a part of super consciousness is the penultimate part of the self realization. Our heart is pumping blood. We do not know the logic behind the beating of the heart. We do know its origin and only other thing we know is that a heart pumps blood. In the same way kundalini is a difficult logic to explain. The difference is that heart cannot be controlled by your mind whereas your kundalini is be controlled by your mind. When something is beyond karma, it cannot be controlled by mind. The heart beat does not create karma, whereas the movement of kundalini can control karmas, as the latter is controlled by the mind. A fully activated kundalini when it reaches sahasrara surely burns your karmas. You can visit my earlier postings on karma for knowing more about karma.

Our main aim of kundalini meditation should be to become worthy of human life. Unfortunately, the value of humanity is being eroded and also under estimated. There is nothing more valuable than a human life. If you practice kundalini meditation for psychic powers, you will surely be blessed with psychic powers, but your karmic account starts showing a negative balance, if you tend to misuse it. No one is authorized by God to function against the Nature. God strictly functions on the basis of law of karmas. Negative balance in karmic account indicates sufferings and miseries.