We have so far ruled out that Brahman is not an object. We cannot call him as the known as we have not yet known him. So we need more details to understand the Brahman. We have in our very early postings talked about prakasha and vimarsha forms. These forms are manifested as Shiva and Shakthi. You can use the google search at the bottom of this page and press ctrl+f to know about prakasha and vimarsha forms. So the Brahman has two aspects the static and kinetic forms. These two forms are not independent and their unified form alone is called Brahman. Diversity of existence is due to modification in the gross forms only. For example diversity in existence means a tree, an insect, an animal, human etc. These are all different from each other only in their gross forms. But, their inner- self is the same. But they have different souls. They have different souls because they have different karmas. For example let us take two mango trees. Though both are mango trees, their growth pattern is different, the taste of the mangoes is different and their life span is also different. This difference is purely on account of their karmas.

Suppose you see two rodents and you happen to kill one of them. This is because of the karmic account of the rodent, its life ends earlier than the normal life span. So the Brahman does not represent the gross forms. This is because there is diversity of gross forms and secondly anything with gross form ceases to exist. Thirdly, gross forms are subject to modifications or changes. They have to undergo the natural process of creation viz. birth, sustenance and death. Since Brahman does not have any of these qualities, gross forms are not Brahman. Gross forms are only the external coverings that give shapes and forms. These shapes and forms are the coverings of the soul thereby enabling us to call somebody by name. There is a possibility of some confusion here. If shapes and forms form the coverings of soul why then we are searching for the Brahman within? We should be looking only for soul within. But before this question is raised, we should realize that Brahman exists everywhere. Then why we are talking about realizing Brahman within? We have already answered this question in our earlier postings.

Brahman can be realized only by meditation. Meditation should be a process of enquiry. You have to find questions and answers in your initial stages of meditation. Realized persons got answers for their search only through meditation. As a matter of fact the Vedas came into existence by this way only. Unified mind or focused mind, sitting postures, breathing exercises etc play their own role in the later part of meditation. When you get an answer for your search, you can control your mind and start meditating on the answer you get for your search. That is why we should have adequate knowledge. We can realize the Brahman only by knowledge. Only with knowledge either we can affirm or negate the Brahman. All the Upanishads talk about Brahman and a study of these Upanishads make our job easier. Possibly, this blog might also help!