This is part XXIX of kundalini series. Even the best of kundalini masters may not be able to diagnose your kundalini related problems, if any on just seeing you. You have to explain your problems to get a solution. If you have a little knowledge about kundalini you can find out whether the solution offered by the master are right or wrong. If you feel that his solution is wrong, please do not carry out his instructions, because your intuition is always right. If you suspend your kundalini meditation and lying down flat on the floor (this posture is called savasana, the posture of a corpse) will partly solve your problems. Drinking cold water is also good. When you breath out, visualise that kundalini is descending to lower chakras.

The most commonly noticed problem is kundalini not rising through the spinal cord and instead rising through ida and pingala. Though ida and pingala as such do not exist in gross body, the nervous system running parallel to both sides of the spine are called ida and pingala. This can be avoided by two methods. The first and the best method is by visualizing kundalini rising through the central canal of the spinal cord. This visualization is to be supplemented by mula bhandha. Before the commencement of kundalini meditation, it is better to do breathing by closing alternate nostrils. This will cleanse the path of kundalini and ensuring that kundalini does not ascend through ida and pingala. The beauty of the path of kundalini is that at one end it ends in our reproductive system and on the other end at our brain. The importance of kundalini is further emphasized by its link to various important glands of our body. When a chakra is well activated, you do not get any ailment associated with the particular gland or body part. You get supernormal gifts only if kundalini reaches sahasrara and establishes a link with the cosmos.

The great scientists, poets, orators, administrators have their kundalini in higher chakras, the fact of which they may not be aware. Only persistent meditation alone helps. Kundalini can be awakened and taken to higher chakras only by super conscious manifestation. In order to have super conscious manifestation you have to have a thorough knowledge of kundalini. We do not require too much of descriptive details. The vital energy of the body called kundalini lying dormant to be awakened and taken to higher chakras to re-energize and re-vitalize by cosmos and to bring back to its original place is the basics of kundalini. I do not think that we require more details than what we have discussed so for. If you look at you in a mirror with a dark background behind you and sufficient light on your face, you can see your aura. First you can see a dark silhouette around your head followed by a cloud like white diffused luminous field which is your energy body or bio-plasma body or aura.

If you are advancing in your kundalini meditation, your energy body grows in size making people around you to feel your vibration. This is law of attraction. We have discussed about chakras. Chakras are nothing but bundles of nerves and blood vessels that get connected to our glands and other important parts of our body. Therefore chakras as such do not exist and it is only our manifestation. Chakras have been described in detail associating them with a number of petals and each petal having one Sanskrit alphabet, etc. This type of study is an advanced version of origin of sound. A deity is worshiped in each chakra. Lalitha Sahasranamam describes in detail about these chakras. These verses are one of the finest descriptions of the chakras ever noticed. When you advance in kundalini meditation your super conscious mind takes you to the state of samadhi (trance), wherein your unified and focused consciousness goes out of your body. When the mind is out of your body, you are led to trance. Your mind at the most can traverse to the cosmos you enjoy the bliss. Bliss cannot be described, but to be experienced and enjoyed. The state of bliss differs from person to person like the experience of kundalini.