This is part VII of kundalini series. It is always better to get kundalini initiation from a learned Guru. The initiation can be done only by a guru who has mastered kundalini. It is difficult to find such great masters now-a-days, though they do exist here and there. A true master will never initiate you for money, but you are duty bound to pay him whatever you deem fit. It is called guru dakshana. It is also not fair on your part to get the initiation without making a contribution to guru, but this contribution should be well within your financial limits. A true guru will not demand and expect anything in return from you except your dedication and devotion. It is unfortunate that kundalini meditation of late has become a business venture and is the reason why many people are not able to enjoy the ultimate bliss. We were discussing about the base chakra or muladhara chakra in our last posting. Frequent practice of moolabhandha will lead to piles therefore you have to exercise caution. It is better to avoid spicy food while practicing kundalini meditation. Higher intake of fruits and vegetables, milk, a good walk, stretching and bending exercise will certainly help. During the initial stages of activating the base chakra you will have pre kundalini syndrome.

Ancient scriptures are of the firm opinion, that when kundalini reaches sahasrara chakra, all our karmas will be wiped out. Therefore advancement in kundalini meditation also depends on our karmas as well. The base chakra is totally identified with our karmas. If we have good karmic account, we surely make progress in kundalini meditation. The first step towards our spiritual goal will be achieved only when kundalini crosses the base chakra and then piercing the brahma granthi making her ascend firm and secure. The symptoms of spirituality become visible when the base chakra is fully activated. We can concentrate on our meditation in a better way and also for a longer duration. Our spine becomes warm as the energy of the kundalini is being felt by the higher chakras that are ready to welcome her. There will be an increase in our water consumption. But we continue to be attached to the worldly desires as well. To make kundalini’s ascend easy, hip rotation exercise will be of great help. Keep your hands on your hip and turn your head towards your left as much as you can. Keep the body free of any tension, so that your trunk can comfortably turn along with your head. Come back to normal position. Then do the same on your right side.

When you are turning, inhale and when you are returning to the normal position exhale. Follow the same on the other side also. Your turning and inhaling should synchronize. Returning back to the normal position and exhaling should synchronize. This synchronization is very important as moving the kundalini upwards is also related to inhalation and exhalation. Each of these chakras is visualized with certain number of lotus petals. The total number of petals for all these six chakras put together is 51 which is exactly the total number of alphabets in Sanskrit. Each chakra is also identified with a Goddess. A lot of significance is attached to all these. You may probably lose your patience if we go into all these details now. At this stage it is assumed that you have activated your muladhara chakra well. It is important to know that higher chakras can be activated after fully activating the lower chakras.