This is part XXVIII of kundalini series. Kundalini is the subtle invisible powerful force of prana. It is also called life energy or vital energy. This is directly linked to our brain and nervous system. The chakras, the ida and pingala, the sushumna are all related to our nervous system. The prana is inhaled through our left and right nostrils. When it is inhaled through the right nostril, the prana enters our system through pingala and keeps our body warm. When inhaled through the left nostril, prana enters through ida which keeps our body system cool. The ida and pingala functions alternatively thereby keeping our body temperature constant at 98.4 degrees Celsius. If there is variation in the functioning of ida and pingala we get fever or cold or any other disease.

The main component of prana is oxygen. If you sit in an oxygen chamber for a minimum of 20 minutes, you can notice the change in your breathing. Your breathing will enter every bit of your nervous system and recharge your nerves. If you are into kundalini meditation, you can notice the kundalini above your ajna chakra. If you meditate under a huge tree in the day time, you can inhale more oxygen. Though we know such things, we are not transforming our knowledge into practice. Taming of mind and will power are the two important things for kundalini meditation. The first step towards kundalini meditation is the basic meditation. You have to spend more time in the beginning till you are able to reach a stage. Here the stage means sitting in the same posture with a focused mind. You will begin to realise the subtle changes happening in your body. Your nervous system will get tuned well in advance, if you decide to pursue KM (Kundalini Meditation). Your bodily functions will get adjusted to receive the divine energy. Your blood system, your digestive system, your nervous system will all get purified. If you contemplate that you can use this divine energy to act against the law of Nature, you will never achieve your goal. There are millions trying this Kundalini meditation today without any success.

Your success purely depends on what you intend to do with the divine energy. The God knows beforehand all your plans, as your karmic account is maintained by Him Your life style also has a bearing on kundalini meditation. You should be kind and caring for the humanity as a whole. You should be beyond religion. God has never created any particular religion. There is no difference between you and me or X or Y or Z. Hatred, anger and greed are the worst enemies. Eating meat and pork is not good. Usage of alcohol, drugs and tobacco is dangerous. They will cause nervous breakdown. This is mainly because they affect our nervous system, which is closely associated with kundalini meditation. I do not want to attach great importance to yogic exercises. At the same time, your body has to be flexible. Simple stretching exercises are more than enough.

A good walk will be of immense help. When you are done with your kundalini meditation, it is always better to lie down flat for a few minutes. In case the kundalini has not descended, this flat posture will make the kundalini to descend properly. You should never wind up kundalini meditationwithout bringing her back to her house. As you progress in kundalini meditationyou will hear louder noises, musical notes, sound of a conch, beating of drums etc. You will see bright and coloured lights like a fire work. These are all associated with kundalini meditation and you have to ignore them. There may be loss of appetite. You need to have healthy food without long gaps. You have to drink a lot of water or fruit juices as your mouth will turn dry. You may encounter health related issues that are not easily diagnosable by a qualified physician.

If you feel that you are developing kundalini syndrome, do not continue with your kundalini meditation. Consult your Guru or your master or a person who has experienced kundalini by himself. It is extremely rare to find a person with complete knowledge of kundalini. You may not realise the importance of a master as long as you do not encounter health related issues. Once you develop kundalini syndrome, any wrong medication will aggravate your situation. Tell your physician in advance about your KMkundalini meditation in case you decide to go to him. Please do not practice kundalini meditation when you are under the influence of any medicines.