This is part XXX and the concluding part of kundalini series. In order to have a healthy body, involvement in sex life should be reduced. This does not mean that sex life should be totally dispensed with. There is a misconception about the word “ojas”. It is said that the sexual fluids, if saved get converted into ojas which gives shine, luster and strength to the body. The ojas, it is claimed is needed for activation of kundalini. This is a wrong interpretation. Ancient texts of ayurveda clearly explain about ojas. Though it is not necessary to know more about ojas, we should have some basic information about it, as it has been frequently talked about in kundalini meditation. Following is the information provided in ayurveda –“It is this ojas where the soul is lodged after the union of the sperm and ovum. Entrance of ojas into the heart of the embryo manifests as cardiac activities.

The ojas which is the substratum of life is of eight drops only in quantity. It is located in the heart. Reduction in the quantity of ojas (eight drops) leads to death.” This clearly means that ojas has nothing to do with controlling procreating fluids. The frequency of sex should be reduced as it affects our nervous system which is very important for kundalini mediation. This is what we have discussed about soul while understanding heart chakra. I am explaining about ojas here as many of the yogic centers give wrong information about it. When you sit for kundalini meditation you have to choose a place where there is no disturbance. No phones, no calling bells, nothing. Please avoid playing music while you are meditating. The ideal time for long meditative sessions would be early morning. During advanced stage of meditation, the pranic energy stored all over the body rush to our brain causing feeble pulse rate. The rush of prana to the brain is mainly due to the overworking of the brain.

The overworking of the brain is caused by the mind that perceives beyond our physical body. The rush of prana at this stage from other parts of the body to the brain is to keep our body in right condition for the mind to return to our body consciousness. If you are disturbed by sound or touch at this stage, the result will be disastrous. When you reach the advanced stage in KM, you should know your limits. You may be blessed with extraordinary powers which would be super human in nature. But reaching this stage purely depends upon your intentions and efforts. No Guru or master can take you to this stage. Only your own efforts will yield results. But in the present scenario, it is extremely difficult to locate an authoritative person in kundalini meditation. Understanding kundalini is a complex procedure. You need to know both theory and practice. You cannot become a perfectionist in KM overnight. You need a minimum of six years to a maximum of twelve years. However, depending upon your perseverance the duration may vary. Divine help is also necessary to attain perfection in KM. Without divine intervention, your third eye and sahasrara cannot be opened. Therefore you have to have sincere faith in your Guru and God. Devotion means the combination of sincerity, dedication, perseverance, will to achieve and dissolving your ego, hatred and desire. The first lesson in divinity is not to hurt others either physically or emotionally. You can move the kundalini up and down by using your eye balls. Bring the eye balls closer to each other and concentrate on a specific area in the spine. You can notice pulsation in that area. By practicing this regularly, you can start moving your kundalini energy.

This is basically creating awareness in a specified area of the spine. Frequent usage of eye balls will cause damage to the optical nerves. At every stage of KM you have to be extremely careful. Another factor in moving kundalini is your breathing. You have to follow the practice of visualizing inhalation and exhalation through the spine. Though in the initial stages you may find it difficult, you can become conversant with practice. While practicing kundalini meditation you can notice changes in your nervous system and brain. These changes are accompanied by increase in your body temperature. You will feel more heat in and around the organs of procreation. These should be ignored as these are the side effects of ascending kundalini.

At some stage in your practice, your desire for spirituality will start unfolding gradually. We have almost covered every aspect of kundalini. Only practice makes a man perfect. If you are sincere in your practice, who knows, your kundalini may reach sahasrara in a matter of days. It depends upon His will. Let us always thank Him for whatever He has done for us. I am not an authority on kundalini meditation. There are highest authorities on kundalini meditation about whom we are not aware. Most of the ideas and procedures explained here is out of my own experience. Again my experience is nothing when compared to those who sincerely teach kundalini meditation across the globe. With this we conclude the series on kundalini. Please always remember that you should practice KM only in the presence of a learned master and practicing on your own will be very risky and equally dangerous. For your comments, feedback, clarification or assistance mail me at