Goptrī गोप्त्री (266)

She is the protector, sustaining this universe.  Protection is the second act of the Brahman.  Protection is Her sattva guṇa.  Light and harmony are the qualities of sattva guṇa.  She not only protects but also nurtures this universe.  After all, She is the Divine Mother Śrī Mātā.  Protecting and nurturing are the instinctive duties of a mother. 

Govinda-rūpiṇī गोविन्द-रूपिणी (267)            

Govinda is Viṣṇu. Viṣṇu is the protector of this universe.  When one needs health, wealth and prosperity one has to worship Viṣṇu. Viṣṇu should not be worshipped alone to get material prosperity and should be worshipped along with His consort Lakṣmī and this form is known as Lakṣmī Nārāyana.  This form is considered as the most auspicious form.  If one needs to get rid of some difficulties, one has to pray Lakṣmī Nārāyaṇa form of ViṣṇuNarasiṃha, also known as Nārasiṃha form of Viṣṇu is considered as the only terrible form; otherwise Viṣṇu is considered as the most auspicious God. 

Viṣṇu is known through Veda-s and UpaniṣadsGo (गो) means vāc or words.  Since the qualities of Viṣṇu cannot be described by words He is called GovindaGo also means earth.  Since He sustains the earth, He is called Govinda.  When the great dissolution took place (refer nāma 232), Viṣṇu lifted and saved the earth (earth is only a part of the universe) from water that prevailed everywhere.  Because He saved the earth, He is called Govinda

In Viṣṇu Sahasranāma the nāma ‘Govinda’ appears twice viz. nāma-s 187 and 539. (Such repetitions are not found in Lalitā Sahasranāma, which is its unique feature.)

{Further reading on ViṣṇuViṣṇu (विष्णु) administers the universe, which has seven worlds.  These seven worlds are the seven vyāhṛti-s of Gāyatri mantra.  In reality, these worlds represent the seven mental planes of human consciousness, from macro level to micro level.  The lower and gross level of consciousness is the lowest world and the highest micro level of consciousness is called the upper world. Possibly, the seven worlds could refer to the six cakra-s and sahasrāra.  Unless the level of consciousness undergoes modifications, refinement and purity, Self-realization is not possible.  Viṣṇu administers this universe based on the “Law of Karma”.  He cannot and will not bypass this law even by a fraction of an inch. The worlds that He administers have different predominant aspects.  For example, in earth matter is predominant.  The higher planes have life energies, emotional energies, and mental energies.  The level of energies that prevails in these seven worlds becomes subtle and refined from the gross level (association with matter) as one traverses these worlds towards the highest.  Viṣṇu is known for His sayana or the yogic sleep.  This famous posture means that all pervading Viṣṇu rests on the blissful ocean of eternal existence.  Viṣṇu means all pervading.  Sri Aurobindo says “Viṣṇu paces out the vast framework of the inner worlds in which our soul-action takes place.  It is by Him and with Him that we raise into His highest seats where we find waiting for us the Friend, the Beloved and Beatific (bestowing celestial Joy) Godhead”.  This celestial joy is known as bliss.

She is in the form of Govinda (Viṣṇu).