Indragopa-parikṣipta-smaratūṇābha-jaṅghikā इन्द्रगोप-परिक्षिप्त-स्मरतूणाभ-जङ्घिका (41)

Her calf muscles look like the quiver of Manmatha, the god of love.  Saundarya Laharī (verse 83) says “In order to win the heart of your Lord Śiva, the five arrowed cupid God of love has made your legs into an arrow case with ten arrows (toe nails).”

Gūḍha-gulphā गूढ-गुल्फा (42)

She has round and well shaped ankles that are hidden.

Kūrma-pṛṣṭha-jayiṣṇu-prapadānvitā कूर्म-पृष्ठ-जयिष्णु-प्रपदान्विता (43)

The arch of her feet is more beautiful and curvier than tortoise’s shell.  But Śaṇkarā expresses his anger for comparing Her feet to that of tortoise shell, which is hard.  Saundarya Laharī (verse 88) says “The toes of your feet is the one that sustains this universe (he is not even comparing the entire feet, he says only about the toes).  Lord Śiva knows the softness of your feet that is why He held your feet with great care during your marriage ceremony.  How dare they (possibly Vāc Devi-s) compare such soft feet to that of tortoise shell?”  This also confirms that Sahasranāma is much older than Saundarya Laharī.

Nāma-s 41, 42, and 43 are as per the features described in sāmudrikā lakśanā (study of body parts).

Nakhadīdhiti-saṃchanna-namajjana-tamoguṇā नखदीधिति-संछन्न-नमज्जन-तमोगुणा (44)

 The rays of Her nails remove the ignorance of those who bow before Her.  When Deva-s and asura-s (demons) pay their reverence to Her by bowing, the rays of the gems emanating from their crowns are in no comparison to the rays emanating from the nails of Her feet.  The rays that come out of Her nails destroy the tamo guṇa (inertia) and ignorance of those who worship Her.

It is also said that She does not bless with Her hands, but with Her feet.  She does not have abhaya and varada hands.  Normally one can notice that most of the Gods have four hands, out of which one is meant for blessings and another for giving boons.  Lalitai does not have these two hands as She has four powerful goddesses (nāma-s 8, 9, 10 and 11) in Her four hands.  The two acts of blessings and granting boons are done by Her lotus feet.

Pada-dvaya-prabhā-jāla-parākṛta-saroruhā पद-द्वय-प्रभा-जाल-पराकृत-सरोरुहा (45)

The beauty of Her feet is much more than a lotus.  Generally lotus flower is compared to the eyes and feet of gods and goddesses.  In Saundarya Laharī (verse 2) says “Gathering tiniest speck of dust from your lotus feet, Brahma creates the worlds, Viṣṇu sustains them and Śiva pulverising them into ashes besmears His body with them.”  

There are opinions that She has four feet.  They are known as śukla, rakta, miśra and nirvāna. The first two rest in ājña cakra, the third on the heart cakra and the fourth on the sahasrāra.  Each of these feet is ruled by Brahma, Viṣṇu, Rudra and Sadāśiva.  They stand for creation, sustenance, dissolution and the last one for liberation (or recreation).

In Hindu mythology, every act of Nature is represented by a god or goddess.  For example, water is represented by lord Varuṇa, fire is represented by Agni, wealth by Kubera, death by Yama etc.  It is nothing but worshiping the Nature and the cosmos.  Since there are so many forces and energies in the universe, each of them is represented by a god. 

Saundarya Laharī (verse 3) says, “The particles of dust at your feet serve to remove the inner darkness of the ignorant.” 

Siñjāna-maṇi-mañjīra-maṇḍita-srīpadāmbujā सिञ्जान-मणि-मञ्जीर-मण्डित-स्रीपदाम्बुजा (46)

She is wearing anklets made out of precious gems that shine.

It is to be noted that five nāma-s 42 to 46 describe only about Her feet.  When Her feet alone are described in such a detailed manner, it is beyond human comprehension to think about Her powerful form.  This is made so by Vāc Devi-s, to impress about Her prākaśa vimarśa mahā māyā svarūpinī form.