Viśva-garbhā विश्व-गर्भा (637)

She has the universe in Her womb or the universe was delivered from Her womb. She delivers the universe and this is referred to in nāma 934 Viśva-mātā. Viśva means all that is visible, the whole universe. Because She delivered the universe from Her womb, She is addressed as Viśva-mātā.

Svarṇa-garbhā स्वर्ण-गर्भा (638)

She has the golden egg in her womb or She was born from a golden egg. Svarṇa means gold and hiraṇya also means gold. Vedānta Paribhāsā a 17th century scripture explains hiraṇyagarbha. It says “Hiraṇyagarbha is the first soul to be born and is different from Brahma, Viṣṇu and Śiva.”  The subtle body consisting of the five vital forces, the mind, the intellect and the ten organs is produced from the five basic elements.  This paves the way for the soul to experience the result of actions or in other words it causes karma-s. The subtle body is of two kinds, superior and inferior.  The superior one is the subtle body of hiraṇyagarbha and the inferior is the subtle body of living beings.  The subtle body of hiraṇyagarbha is called as mahat or the cosmic intellect and the subtle body of living beings is called ego. 

Su means splendid, arṇa means letters that form mantra-s and garbhaḥ is shining or conceiving.  This way the nāma also means that She holds the sacred mantra-s in Her womb.  This means that She is the cause of all mantra-s.  Hence She is said to be in the form of mātṛkā-s (akṣara-s or alphabets). This has already been discussed in nāma 577 mātṛkā-varṇa-rūpinī. The alphabets lie shining in Her womb. 

Avaradā अवरदा (639)

She is the destroyer of evil doers, known as demons.  Evil doer does not merely mean the one who indulges in evil acts. It also means those who have evil thoughts.  Evil thoughts culminate in evil actions.

Vāgadhīśvarī वागधीश्वरी (640)

She is the ruler of speech.  Saundarya Laharī ends (100th verse) by saying ‘this was composed with your own words’. Nāma 577 can also be referred here.  Origin of sound has already been discussed in detail under various nāma-s.

Dhyāna-gamyā ध्यान-गम्या (641)

She can be attained by meditation.  Meditation is a process that enables one to explore the entire human potential within.  Meditation is not simply thinking about some super human forms. It is a complex task of researching internally. It is a process of spiritual transformation.  It is the progressive level of consciousness accelerated by the combined factors of intention and attention. 

Śvetāśvatara Upaniṣad (I.ii.3) says “The sages went into deep meditation and saw the power of the luminous Cosmic Self as the cause of the universe. Māyā hides the Self behind the universe.  The Self controls everything including the individual self and time.”  She is that Cosmic Self.  

Aparicchedyā अपरिच्छेद्या (642)

She is incomprehensible hence, infinite.  She is ubiquitous, the unique quality of the Brahman.  Yet Her devotees can attain Her through meditation (previous nāma). 

Jñānadā ज्ञानदा (643)

She is the giver of knowledge, the kind of knowledge that is needed to realize Her absolute form.  For realizing the Brahman one needs to have pure knowledge unafflicted by senses. She alone is capable of providing that knowledge. Through the process of meditation, mundane knowledge is transformed into consummate knowledge. First She provides the requisite knowledge then She reveals Herself and finally She makes him merge with Her.  Knowledge is the primary step in Self-realisation and She provides that knowledge. 

Śiva sūtra (I.2) says jñānam bandhaḥ This means limited knowledge is bondage. Therefore, it implies that un-vitiated knowledge gives liberation. 

Jñāna-vigrahā ज्ञान-विग्रहा (644)

Her body itself is knowledge. The previous nāma said that She gives knowledge and the source of such knowledge is Her entire body. 

Ramaṇa Mahariṣi (sage Ramana) did not initiate any one through mantra-s.  He used to initiate his disciples by a simple glance. That glance used to transform a person. What is the result of such transformation? Recent scientific study explains thus. “Conscious experience is much more than physics plus biology.  What sets human consciousness apart from other biologically evolved phenomena is that it makes the reality appear within itself.”