This is a poem scripted by a young friend of mine who resides in America, and a close follower of this blog. I thought I should share his love for Ma with everybody. Every word has come out deep from his heart. What a deep love for Her? It is amazing to find such a deep love from a young mind. A love I can never express in words, Which transports me across to a different world, In which my tears flow so free, Drenching the long road leading to Thee, A magic which moves my heart, So great the longing in my eyes to see Thee as Thou art... A magic which dissolves Time itself, I look at Thee wanting to lose my little self. These strange depths that stir in my heart, This desire to express Thy Divine art. I so dont want to leave this world of Thine, O thoughts of life, will you ever leave my mind... They drag me out of your world Mother, My cluttered mind starts once again to bother. Teach me to merge with Thee... That Thy work in this life as Thy worship I may come to see.