Magha Gupta Navaratri

The first nine nights of the waxing phase of the Magha lunar month in the North Indian calendar, are also referred as the Magha Śyāmalā Navarātri and dedicated to the worship of Śrī Mātaṅgi and all aspects of Śrī Kāli, such as the Daśamahāvidyā-s. Śrī Mātaṅgi Devi is the tantric Sarasvati or the Goddess of Knowledge, both spiritual and material, speech, writing, as well as of all scientific and literary art forms. All that is known and unknown is Her.

 Those initiated into Śrī Mātaṅgi mantras may experience divine visions and/or fulfillment of wishes. All others can recite the 108 names - Śrī Mātaṅgi Aṣṭottara Śatanāmāvali  or the stotram itself. The kavacam is a must for those reciting Her mantras. All others can also recite the kavacam during these nine nights.

Followers of Śrī Śyāmalā Devi may also recite the hymn called Śyāmalā Daṇḍakaṃ, written by the celebrated poet Kālidāsa.

Worshippers of the Divine Mother Kāli, may recite any of Her kavaca-s, stotra-s. Those with mantra initiations may experience wish fulfillment and all round happiness and prosperity. Performing the Mahāṣoḍhā nyāsa is a great plus during these nine festive nights.

For 2019, the dates of the Magha Navarātri-s are 5th February to 13th February Indian Standard Time. In the Western Hemisphere, it would be Feb 4th night in the U.S or Feb 5th early morning Europe till Feb 12th or 13th respectively, based on the lunar calendar for that location.