In the meditative stage you are the creator and manifestation happens according to your will. In the dream stage, you do not get your desired dreams even if you will. In meditative stage you are the creator. Swami Vivekananda once asked his guru Swami Ramakrishna Paramahamsa to show him the God. Paramahamsa meditated and made Mother Kali to appear before both of them. Paramahamsa subsequently said that Mother Kali was created purely out of his will and manifestation. But all of us cannot be Paramahamsa. Why I am discussing this incident here is that we can also achieve, provided we have the will to achieve. The will can be developed over a period of time and by dedicated practice. It is said that God does not have form. This is true also. But we give different forms to the form of the formless. We have so many forms of Gods, all created out of pure consciousness of the highly realised persons. They not only created a form of their choice, but they identified the form as their Supreme. They sang and danced, cried and laughed and reached a stage of extreme ecstasy.

In the same way you can also create a form to your liking in your manifestation. Believe me; this form will extend all help to you, whenever you need help. You have to use your will and consciousness to create such a form. The difference between us and the realised souls is that they call their creation as God and we do not realise the form as God. We get ourselves attached to the form we created, and seek from it material prosperity. It also gives material prosperity. Totally engrossed with the wonders of the form, we forget that the form is nothing but our own willed consciousness. We should know that we derive our individual consciousness from the consciousness of the Supreme. This means that the form we created out of our own consciousness is also the creation of the Supreme Consciousness. That is why this form is willing to help us in times of our need.

You can create this form provided your karmic account is in your favour. We should not confuse illusion with manifestation. Illusion is an erroneous mental representation. This is also called maya. Manifestation is appearance in bodily form. By manifestation we can create and by illusion or maya we are deceived. Take the case of mirage. This is an illusion and not in existence though it appears to be in existence. This does not have a bodily form. By a process of profound and continuous contemplation, a stage that is called meditation, a form is created and life infused only in that stage. Illusion is deception whereas manifestation is not. I am saying this here because all of should not underestimate what we are capable of. We should never undermine our capabilities. Undermining our capabilities and capacities is undermining the qualities of God. This means that we are in no way different from God. We will now proceed to continue with our practice from the next posting onwards.