All of you would have begun your practice. You have to continue with your practice vigorously and daily. Till such a time, you are thorough with your practice, let us get ourselves introduced to manifestation, will and meditation. These are going to be useful in our subsequent discussions. Manifestation is one that we need to understand in detail. Manifestation is a powerful tool. gives the following meaning for manifestation -an appearance in bodily form (as of a disembodied spirit). This means, a physical appearance is given only by the stretch of our imagination to something that is not real or that does not have a form. Some thing can be imagined only if it does not exist in reality or that I do not actually possess. To have a good imagination we need only our will to imagine. The same word web gives meaning for will as follows - the capability of conscious choice and decision and intention. Now it is clear that we need to have intent to manifest.

What action we perform when we manifest? Are we not ‘creating’ our favourite form in our imagination? This means that we can create if only we have the will to manifest. We can also create in our fully awakened stage. Here we need to have only the will and manifestation is not needed. Manifestation can be willed not in the three stages viz. awake, dream and deep sleep but only in the stage of deep meditation. Meditation is explained as continuous and profound contemplation on a subject. For such a state of continuous and profound contemplation we need an object of our choice, to contemplate. The object is our choice because it is we, who are going to create that object. This object will be to our liking. We are not going to create something that is not to our liking. This explains that we need to have the will to manifest. Let us take an example. I have only a hut. My desire is to have a palace. In reality, I cannot even think of having a small house, leave alone the palace, as I do not have that kind of money.

We have already discussed in ‘mind and thought’ that formation of desire will not allow us to concentrate on anything else, unless we achieve that desire. We put our heart and soul to achieve that desire. In this case, even I put my heart and soul, I cannot have that palace. It is beyond my reach. Therefore, if something is out of my reach, I can still get it by simply manifesting it. When I can manifest that? Not in the three stages which we have discussed above. I can manifest provided I have the will to manifest by continuous and profound contemplation (meditative stage) of the palace. Beyond the three stages, we now understand that there is yet another stage called meditative stage. If we have the will to manifest in a meditative stage, we can create an object. Therefore we become a creator. There is a difference between dream stage and meditative stage. In a dream stage we cannot continue our dream the next day. But in my meditative stage, I can continue to add a brick whenever I meditate on the same object and one fine day I can finish the palace and start living there too. Therefore we can also create by becoming a creator ourselves. We will discuss more in subsequent postings.