There is an announcement that all media persons should go to the first enclosure, where rishis were seated. Now all the rishis left that enclosure and there is enough space to accommodate thousands of TV cameras and thousands of press people. There are no mikes in front of the God. But several mikes are kept for the media men enabling the audience to listen to the questions that are to be raised by the press. Outside this enclosure also, there are TV cameras and reporters, telecasting the proceedings live. Only a very few amongst the audience started leaving the place immediately after God’s speech. Probably they are not interested in the liberation offer announced by Shakthi. Everyone is wondering how these millions of people are going to be liberated. An approximate estimate is being made that several thousands of families will not be there once they are liberated. Most of the audiences have come with their entire family. Some people are talking that there may not be enough place to keep the life-less bodies, as Shakthi will liberate only their jiva and not their physical bodies. There are some in the audiences who are crying and hugging each other, realising that the get together of their family will not be there after their liberation. A look at these people make others cry. Such was the bondage amongst most of the families. Many among the audiences start using their hand phones to talk to their relatives for the last time. Another section of people are talking more about the liberation offer given by Shakthi, than the speech of God. Some are discussing why the liberation offer was not given by the God? A few more started arguing that Shakthi is more powerful than the God.

A small section of people are discussing about the genuineness of the whole thing. A few saying that the whole thing is farce and started leaving the venue. The silent venue is now full of noise. This situation continued for some time. The TV camera men are busy in fixing their cameras. Press reporters are going through their notes and preparing themselves to ask questions to God. Still photographers are busy in photographing the God. The light coming out of their flash was brighter than the sun. But God’s light was much more powerful than all the flash bulbs put together. One of the photographers is shouting that the cameramen need not use their flash to take photos of the God, as illumination of God itself is very powerful. The Government also swung into action to remove the bodies of those who will get liberated. Several trucks are pressed into this service. Tons of logs are being procured by the government to burn the bodies. A set of top level government officials started identifying various places to keep these bodies as facilities in the mortuaries found to be inadequate. The airport, rail station and all other modes of transport were in full alert to meet any contingency. Shakthi in her melodious voice said “I think the press is now ready with their questions. Those who want to ask questions can proceed to the podium where mikes are kept. Please wait for your turn patiently.” A young reporter went to the podium to ask the first question to God. (To be continued)