Media: Whether ego controls mind or mind controls ego? God answers: Both. Mind can be conquered by the dissolution of your ego. For getting rid of ego, your mind is to be controlled. I have already told you that the human mind is the most complex structure. There are various methods to control your mind. Mind can be controlled by observing a disciplined life. By controlling your senses, mind can be controlled. By regular practice of meditation, mind can be controlled. You can follow any of the methods. Whatever be the method, regular practice is important. If you keep your mind under check, your thought process will stop. When your thoughts cease to exist, there is no work for your mind. Mind and thought are interrelated and interdependent. But, you have to make a beginning from either of the two, proceeding to the other. In reality controlling your mind is an extremely difficult job.

Let me take an example. You are served with a cup of soup with two times of normal salt. What will you do with the soup? If you do not consume this soup, your mind is not in control. Your mind influences your sense of taste not to take this soup. In spite of your mind influencing your sense of taste, you consume the soup, which means you are keeping your mind under your control. What does it mean by ‘your control’? This means your thought. Your thought tells your mind to accept the soup with more salt and simultaneously your mind initiates a thought to accept this soup. This is a typical example of how mind and thought are interrelated and interdependent. Next is ego. What is ego? It is ‘I’ consciousness. It is the apparatus of implementation. Whatever your mind thinks is executed by your ego. Mind is the causative factor for your thoughts and your ego executes the instructions given by your mind. Ego is called ‘ahankaram’. Why is it called so? Because you think that you are responsible for the executive powers of your mind. If you ask yourself ‘who am I’ and find the right answer, your ego will be destroyed.

I have already explained to you how your mind, intellect and ego functions one after another for creation and in the case of dissolution ego, intellect and mind function in that order. Ego in gross form is your physical body. Your first step towards me is to destroy your ego. You have to tell your mind that you are not responsible for all your actions. I, the God is responsible for your actions. This can be realized only in regular and sincere meditative practices. Unfortunately, meditative practices are commercialized. When your mind influences your ego you continue to be attached to the materialistic pleasure, which is called maya. When your ego controls your mind, you are in the right direction of self realisation. My suggestion to you is that you start probing your inner self. You will find right answers within. Practice meditation regularly. (to be continued)