This is XXIII of kundalini series. Cosmic energy is the unified energy of every planet in the universe. We are aware of only certain energies and we do not have adequate knowledge about the composition of this cosmic energy. Knowing more about cosmic energy is beyond our purview. Arousal of kundalini energy does not mean that you become a great saint over night, nor does it mean that you derive super human powers. It also does not mean that you are going to have a darshan of your favourite God. The only thing that matters in arousal of kundalini is the ability of your mind to concentrate. Mind under no circumstance can recognize something that is beyond the reach of our sensory organs. However, the mind has the ability to visualise apart from recognizing objects. Manifestation is possible without the aid of our sensory organs. Visualization by the mind basically depends upon its ability to recognize.

Mind will not visualize something that is not already known to it. Therefore visualization depends upon mind’s previous experience. Suppose you are visualizing your heart chakra with green colour, your mind should have prior knowledge about green colour. In the same way your mind should have prior knowledge about kundalini. Though kundalini is not visible to our eyes like air, the existence of kundalini is beyond myth, as movement of kundalini is recognized and felt like air. Though we do not see air, we know it’s creative (like wind energy) and destructive (like storm) powers. In the same way, though we are not able to see the kundalini energy we should know its powers. This is the reason why we need an advanced study of kundalini. Our life span is limited and within this period we have to realize the Brahman in order to avoid rebirths. Though other means like devotion (bakthi), knowledge (jnana), verses in praise of God (nama smaranam or sangirthanam), mantras, etc no doubt takes you to the God, the time factor needed by these is longer than the path of kundalini yoga. The kundalini manifests on the combined factors of mind and matter.

We have already discussed in detail about mind under various heads. Matter is nothing but our body. The cause for change in mind and matter is Shakthi in the form of kundalini. That is why we call kundalini as the life force. Whether kundalini is sleeping or awake, mind and matter function only at the instance of kundalini. Mind is conscious in nature whereas the matter is not conscious in nature. Matter requires the help of mind for its functioning. When the conscious mind is transformed into unconscious mind, the matter is not going to have any experience. The mind can be made unconscious only by turning the sensory organs inwards, about which also we have already discussed. When mind and matter are calm, the kundalini is willing to ascend to conjoin with her partner at Sahasrara. But we are not able to make the mind unconscious because of maya or illusion. Maya is responsible for duality. Unless the duality goes, it is difficult to experience the bliss that is realised when kundalini is in sahasrara. The bliss can be experienced only if mind is unconscious. If the mind is conscious, it focuses its attention everywhere. Maya alone influences the mind to have consciousness. When maya leaves, it leaves the mind alone making it unconscious. The unconscious mind does not have the ability to think and act.

We have already seen that mind and thought are interdependent and when mind is unconscious, there is no room for thoughts. Mind becomes devoid of thoughts. Now mind is devoid of maya and thought, so mind becomes pure. This pure mind becomes powerful and is used to move the kundalini from one chakra to another. Kundalini is also called metaphysical since it does not have a form, but with potent energy. It is called as prana or life energy or chi etc. Kundalini controls the quality of the prana thereby exercising total control on the body and mind of a person. Kundalini yoga specifically prescribes initiation by a master, by passing his bio energy to his student. The bio energy of the master is supposed to be powerful enough to make his pupil’s kundalini awake. The main reason for non-arousal of kundalini is lack of self confidence or lack of faith in kundalini yoga. When you start doubting your ability, kundalini will never ascend as your mind is affected. Generally kundalini can be aroused with the combination of factors such as mind control, bhandhas, mudras, pranayama, certain physical exercises, capacity to visulaise and manifest, knowledge about kundalini, a clean environment, and adequate exposure to natural energy such as energy of the sun, etc.