Before we look into certain flexibility exercises, let us understand what concentration is. This is the most difficult part in any type of meditation. Concentration can be achieved with the help of our mind and thoughts. We have already discussed that mind and thought are independent and interdependent. It is difficult to say whether our thoughts come out of our mind or our mind is the instrument in creating our thoughts. So let us simply understand that these two are different. Please go through my posting titled mind and ego dated March 29th, where in mind and thought have been discussed. In order to achieve concentration, the primary thing is not to succumb to our desires. The desire may be achievable or not, the formation of a desire will never allow us concentrate on anything else, unless you achieve your desire.

Let us assume that you are planning to buy a house. The moment you get this desire, most of the time you will be thinking about the house only. Your mind makes you to think or your thought influences your mind to think more about the house. That is why I said both are independent and interdependent as well. Now what happens is that after developing the thought of buying a house, you proceed to finalize a location, finalize your builder, apply for a loan, mobilize your funds etc, etc. Don’t you agree with me that your concentration is totally on your dream house and you do not have time and ability to think about your other activities? More and more your mind thinks about your house, you also start dreaming about the house. Now the house is affecting our two stages namely awake and dream out of the three stages viz. awake, dream and deep sleep. Obviously none will be affected by any thoughts during deep sleep stage. Unless and until your desire of having your own house is totally fulfilled, your mind and thought cannot be focused to concentrate on something else. Focus and concentration are same.

When your mind and thought are focused on a particular form or thing, you almost get rid of your thinking on other forms or things. Even if you think about something else, your concentration or focus will not be impregnable. That is why it is said that we should not develop desires. One desire will always lead to another desire. Your desire for a house will lead to the next desire of furnishing it. Desire leads to attachment and attachment leads to ego and you know its evil effects. Desire by itself is not bad. But knowingly or unknowingly, we get ourselves totally involved with a particular desire. Owning a house is not a sin. But let us not put our heart and soul in owning house alone. Bliss is to be realised to enjoy it. Bliss will be ultimate and probably all of us will come to this conclusion by the time we end this series. When you develop a desire for a certain object, you are not able to come out of it. Suppose you develop your desire for your own atman, you will not be able to come out of the thoughts of your atman. Let us assume that your search for atman begins and ultimately you find it within your own self. This process is called self realisation. Now we know where to concentrate and focus and what to search with in us. This we will discuss in the up coming postings. Please offer your comments so that all of us can benefit.