This is part III of kundalini series. We have been talking about energy. We say that kundalini is energy. Therefore it is important for us to understand about energy. Every human body is made up of three gunas viz. satwic, rajas and tamas. The human body is again three fold. They are causal body or karana sarira, subtle body or sukshma sarira and gross body or sthula sarira. These bodies are different from the five sheaths. Causal body is the jiva, subtle body is mind and gross body is the matter, the physical body. Causal body is the origin of gross body. The importance of mind is emphasized by identifying it with a separate body, as mind is the cause for consciousness. The three gunas mentioned above work with subtle body and therefore associated with mind.

Depending on the condition of mind any one of the three gunas predominates. If your mind is tamed and trained, it will not look at rajo and tamo gunas. When your mind is associated with satwic gunas, subtle body becomes endowed will all good qualities. Casual body as said earlier is the foundation for the other two types of bodies. We can never see or feel this body. Subtle body again cannot be ordinarily seen. But it can be seen with clairvoyant eyes. It can also be felt by means of vibrations. This subtle body is also called energy body as this body is responsible for deriving, storing and withdrawing energy. The level of energy depends upon the association of the mind with gunas. The three gunas are identified with nature. The nature is nothing but sun (light), air, water and earth (food). For our sustenance we require all of them in different proportions and the predominance depends upon the nature of the mind.

If your mind identifies with tamo guna, you take more food, which leads to dormant activity. If your mind identifies with satwic guna, all gunas are in appropriate proportion required for right sustenance. Therefore the gunas in right proportion provides appropriate natural energy to the subtle body which is also called energy body. The subtle body stores the energy in the form of kundalini in the perineum. This is the formation of kundalini. This is the reason why mind alone is authorized to knock at the doors of the house of kundalini. We should understand at this stage that mind is the sole reason for creating and storing energy in the form of kundalini. Mind is also responsible for concentration and consciousness. Mind therefore has got several roles to play in human life. But controlling our mind is in our hands and that is why we are talking about training and taming of the mind.

Kundalini exists in the form of subtle energy and can be moved up and down by utmost concentration. Let us take an example. Hold a magnet beneath a paper and spread some iron scrap over the paper. Now move the magnet, the scraps will also move along with the movement of magnet. In the same way we can move the kundalini by focusing our entire attention on it. You can also confirm this by a simple test. Place a small sheet of paper on a table and by single pointed focus, move the paper. You will be able to move the paper after persistent practice. The paper moves on two counts. One is your will to move the paper and two when you focus on the paper your energy gets connected to the paper and because of your will to move it, it ultimately moves. It is like an electric locomotive. The locomotive can move only if it is connected to the electric energy. So when you need to move something, you have to bring some other force. Kundalini in her static form is like an electric locomotive without electricity. It needs the energy of mind to make a move.