This is part VI of kundalini series. Muladhara chakra is at the tip of our spinal cord. This chakra is to be visualised red in colour. Tamo guna will be predominant when we associate with this chakra. Our mind will be totally associated with worldly things such as desires, attachments, ego, anger etc. We tend to believe that we are not in a safe environment and will have a sense of insecurity and self sympathy. Irrespective of this chakra being bad or good, we have to cross this chakra to reach the higher ones. This is also called as root chakra and in order to have a deep root, we have to strongly develop this chakra. In the posting ‘the inner voice’ we have learnt the initial steps to move the kundalini from perineum to the coccyx or mooladhara chkara.

Now we will try to retain the kundalini in mooladhara chakra for some time. In addition what we have seen in ‘the inner voice’ we have to perform one additional exercise. It is better that we go through the process again adding this additional exercise. Please ensure that you have a learned Guru by your side while doing the exercises described below. You should not do this on your own, as improper procedures will cause damage to your nervous system. Sit comfortably, keep your spine erect, bend your head slightly backwards, slightly push your shoulders backwards, and ensure adequate space in the arm pits. Breathe normally a few times and settle down. Do fast breathing in quick successions through the nose a few times. When you do the fast breathing, ensure that your stomach bloats with inhalation and pushed inside with exhalation. Come back to normal breathing and relax.

Now with deep inhalation, do moolabhandha, bloat your stomach, and slightly push your head backwards. Hold your breath for a few seconds and your comfort level is the criteria for holding your breath. When you hold your breath for long, you will be short of breath and the uniformity of the breath will be lost. Holding breath for long is not important. Then start exhaling slowly and steadily, release moolabhandha, pull your stomach towards you, bend your head forward, so that your chin touches your chest. Remain in this stage for a few seconds. Come back to normal position. Again inhale as said above, hold for a few seconds, exhale stay in this position for a few seconds and come back to normal position. Repeat this a few times. Whenever you inhale, by pushing your head backwards, you have to ‘literally’ pull kundalini energy from your perineum to coccyx. After a few rounds of breathing described earlier, relax and sit quietly. Start meditating on your coccyx area visualizing the kundalini energy in deep red colour.

If your kundalini becomes active in this area, you will see the area pulsating and you can feel the pulse with your hand in your coccyx area. The coccyx area will be warmer than the perineum. This means that your kundalini energy has moved into your base or root chakra which is called muladhara chakra from perineum. Close your eyes lightly and continue to meditate concentrating on this chakra as deep red in colour. At one stage you will be able to see red colour all-round. Once this red colour is distinctly visible to you, be with the red colour for some time. Then visualise kundalini going back to her house at the perineum. The pulse at the coccyx will stop once the kundalini moves to perineum. The red colour will gradually vanish. The heat in the coccyx area will move to the perineum area. Now you have awakened the kundalini from her house and made her stay in the base chakra for some time, then made her go back to her house at the perineum. Slowly get up from your seat, stand for some time and carry on with your work. You may be possibly feeling very thirsty and drink as much water as you can. Ensure that your stomach is empty before proceeding with this meditation.