Usually there are three types of actions in a human being. One is the state of “awake” wherein a man does his regular and normal duties. The second is the state of “dream” where a man dreams after just going to sleep. This stage is followed by “dreamless sleep”. I am not an exception. On one night I had a dream of becoming a state head of my utopian country. Though I do not remember the complete details of the dream, I narrate my dream to the extent of remembrance. At the time of my nomination for the post of Administrative Head (AH), I owned a two wheeler. I was about to kick start my two wheeler to go to the venue, there arrived a contingent of police officers and commandos. There were also a few cars. The chief police officer saluted me. I told him that I would reach the venue in time, he politely told me that I cannot go by a two wheeler due to security reasons and that they are here to take me to the venue. I was wondering what to do. Then I decided to go with the team. At that time I decided my first step as the AH. The swearing in ceremony was over.

The national and international press was waiting for my interview. I politely told them that I will meet them after 15 days. I moved into my office. I was introduced to my secretaries and staff. I called the stenographer and my first letter as AH was dictated to him. “By this order of AH all security guards including commandos allotted for the security of AH are hereby withdrawn. The security people thus released should report for duty at their respective Head Quarters.” My secretary reported to me that savings per day is 500,000 bucks. I issued next order withdrawing all the security guards to all the leaders and officials. However I intensified the security for all the scientists. The saving per day worked out to staggering amount. The next order issued was to deploy them in all the police stations. Within a week, the crime rate in the whole country came down drastically. Officials and politicians told me that they face a huge threat to their lives. I told them that all those involved in public service should be easily accessible. They vehemently protested, but I did not budge. I need not prove my majority in any house. My next order was to make education compulsory and free for all up to high school. All the money saved by cutting the security was deployed for this purpose.

My next agenda was to make the medical facilities free to all. If I issue this order, there will be a huge deficit in the budget. I have no other option but to look for some other source. I thought for a while. I decided to cut the income tax and reduce the stamp duty for registrations. I issued an order saying that there will only one slab at 20%. Even if a person earns 10 bucks has to pay income tax which will be deducted at source. I got a feed back saying that this move will reduce the circulation of unaccounted money. The estimate given by my officers would cover 50% of the free medical facility for all. I issued another order cutting the stamp duty to 1%. Officials estimated that generation of black money will be eliminated and the revenue to the government will go up. This will take care of another 15% of the deficit for free medical facility. I have now to look for the balance 35%. I decided to call up my counterparts in the neighbouring countries. I told them that my country wants a cordial relationship with them and promised them that my country will never indulge in any war with them. The also assured me. I dispatched my officials to these countries and agreements on no war and reduction in budgetary allocation were signed with these countries. My neighbouring countries too were happy. They even started to reduce their troops in the borders. I cut my budgetary allocation for defence by 40%. Now I have a surplus. I reviewed the agriculture sector. I found that the farmers are not making enough money and there are middle men between the farmers and the consumers. This was the reason for farmers committing suicides. I decided to form cooperative societies in every village and these societies will be provided with two trucks to carry their produce directly to the market.

The cost of the trucks will be treated as loan to the society at a nominal interest rate of 2% per annum and will be funded by the surplus I have from the cut in the defence budget. I fixed the tenure of the loan as 60 months. The scheme was implemented and my finance department gave the feed back that the inflation has come down very sharply because of the fall in the prices grains, fruits and vegetables. I called for the details of unemployment. The figures provided by my labour department were horrifying. To be continued.