This is going to be a huge task. Unemployed should be used only for productive purposes and they should be adequately compensated. I decided on inter connectivity of rivers. One side, there are floods and on other side there are draughts. My country is importing food grains. If I stop import of food grains, my country’s balance of payment will improve. For interlinking rivers the cost is prohibitive. I have to somehow generate money for this. If I commence this project, it will generate employment for almost 70% of the unemployed. I approached the World Bank. They sanctioned the entire amount as loan with a very low interest rate. The project commenced. As estimated, 70% of the unemployed got the work.

The project commenced all over the country at the same time and it was estimated to complete the entire project in two years. I was confident that my country can export food grains in the near future. I still have an unemployed ratio of 30%. I have to find a solution for this. Another concern was balance of payment. When I went through the details, oil import was the main contributor for this. I have to improve oil production locally and reduce the dependence on imports. I reviewed the public transport systems, air, rail and road. Rail and road transport passenger fares were highly subsidized. High end cars are on the roads with a single person. I abolished oil subsidy for all cars. The fuel price for cars was left to the market factors to decide. I improved the efficiency of the public transport system. The number of cars on the road was reduced, as almost everybody started using the public transport. The crude import bill took a dip and the balance of payment started showing signs of recovery. Now I have to improve the internal production of crude. Oil exploration activity was intensified with the help of the unemployed.

More and more oil was found in my country. The subsidy for the public transport is still bothering me, but I decided not to touch this for the moment. My next job was about the budgetary deficit. I have to reduce this gap. I analyzed the expenditure of the Government. Travel expenses were on the high side, especially the flight charges. All the government officials were prohibited traveling by air. Every village was provided with video conferencing facility. A ban was imposed on travel by officials. My finance secretary was smiling. The 15 day time given to the press was over. They all assembled in the press room. I thanked them for their patience and started addressing them. At that time my wife woke me up, so that I can board the crowed bus in time to go to my office and resume my mundane duties.