The Most Powerful Sri Vidya Practise - Nabhi Vidya!!!! नाभि विद्या

Acknowledgments :

Shri Tripuraghna for providing the contents and the mantras. Without his direction, I would not have published this document.

To Śrī Yogāmba sameta Śrī Ātmānandanātha (Shri Ramesh Kutticad Guruji) and his team, for translating the contents of two rare manuscripts from the Vadodara Gaekwad Library and revealing the contents of the sacred Nābhi Vidyā to the world of the Śrī Vidyā sādhakas through his publication – Ekāvali, one of his most cherished masterpieces.

To the content providers of the website and Shri Sreenivas Rao’s blogs containing the same information related to the Śrī Nābhi Vidyā.


Śrī Nābhi Vidyā is an advanced Śrī Vidyā upāsana meant for higher level initiates of this order. Various combinations of the Hādi and Kādi streams of the Ṣoḍaśī with numerous variations are included within these set of mantras. The dhyāna śloka derives 40 mantras and an additional Saubhāgya Pañcadaśī mantra combining the Hādi and Kādi streams, that has been provided by Shri Tripuraghna. The 41 mantras have the same effect of the Divine Poem Ānanda Laharī of Śrī Ādi Śaṅkarācārya in praise of the Divine Mother.

The dialogue related to the Nābhi Vidyā, occurs between Sages Śrī Hayagrīva and Śrī Agastya related to a path that leads straight to liberation (mokṣa). Thus, the revelation by the Lord Himself as revealed previously by Lord Śiva to the Divine Mother Śakti.

Nābhi is the navel in the body located at the center. It is also the connection point to the mother when we were unborn. The Nābhi Vid is therefore a connection to the Divine Mother Śakti from whom the entire Creation has sprung forth. This vidyā helps us reconnect to the Divine and thereby gain liberation from the infinite cycle of birth and death.

Avadūta Śrī Tripuraghna Mahāsaya states the following, summarizing the sacred Nābhi Vidyā –

"A single performance of Nābhi Vidyā is equivalent to recitation of Pañcadaśākṣarī one hundred thousand times or millions of times depending on the devotee. This knowledge arose from the Hādi Vidya of Lopamudra and was told by Hayagrīva to Agastya. This knowledge embodies Kādi, Hādi and Sādi (the latter indirectly). As a last request, I would like you to publish this knowledge in its entirety so that devotees have the opportunity to obtain the fruits of Kādi, Hādi and Sādi simultaneously and quickly. This is a highspeed practice and suitable for today where time is scarce. This knowledge indicates the greatness of the Hādi Vidya of Lopamudra who sees no rivalry or separation between Kādi, Hādi and Sādi. Even the Devi Khaḍgamālā Mantra arose from the Hādi Vidya of Lopamudra. She is very interested in Jñāna or Knowledge. Any questions about the Nabhi Vidya that you have before publication can be resolved with me via email. The Nabhi Vidya is something very important and reveals the highest goal. Your umbilical cord is cut, eliminating your link with the Divine Mother. The Nabhi Vidya retraces this connection with the Divine Mother. You don't have to live disconnected from the Divine Mother. You also don't have to live the cruel reality that you can only live apart from the Divine Mother or absorbed in her. The Nabhi Vidya bears the supreme fruit which is the freedom to live always connected with the Divine Mother in all lives. You will never be apart from her, whether in this life or the next. The Nabhi Vidya is the cord that will reconnect you with the Divine Mother and it is Supreme. You can always live united with her, and that cord never needed to be cut. This is the supreme teaching of Lopamudra. “There is the path of Destruction (Saṁhara). There is the path of Creation (Sṛṣṭi). Last and supreme, there is the path of Sustenance (Sthiti). The path of Sustenance is only possible when there is balance between Creation and Destruction. Only the path of Sustenance offers the Supreme fruit of Śrī. This balance can be achieved by Nābhi Vidyā, which reveals the most auspicious path of Sustenance (Sthiti).” I think it is something that all devotees of the Divine Mother should practice."

Śrī Yogāmba sameta Śrī Ātmānandanātha (Shri Ramesh Kutticad guruji) states the following on the sacred Nābhi Vidyā –

"Nābhi vidyā is a rare text of Śrīvidyā mantras. This was revealed by Śrī Hayagrīva to sage Agastya, who prayed for Self-Knowledge (ātma gyāna) which is unshakeable (acañcala). The Guru (Hayagrīva) recounts a similar the prayer by Śrī Uma devi to her Lord Śiva on His true nature and requests Him to impart the same. Thus, this vidyā was revealed by the Lord, which has Ṣodaśī mantras. We find a series of kādi / hādi in the ṣodaśī meter and Mahā ṣodaśī / Parā ṣodaśī mantras in certain combinations."

In the Pūrva bhāga (prologue), the number of mantras is given. The various combinations of the kādi and hādi mantras are thirty-six in number. Added to this are Mātṛkā, Guru pādukā, Bālā and Parā mantras, thus a total of forty mantras form Nābhi Vidyā. As per Kaṭapayādi, 'n' is zero and 'bha’ is four, reading on the reverse is forty. Thus, forty mantras as said in this Vidyā are indicated by the name (Nābhi) itself. Interestingly, gestation period of a fetus in a womb is forty weeks. During this time, the fetus is connected to the mother physically for nourishment through ‘nābhi’, which is the mid-point (centre) of a body and is also the center for all the nādis (spiritual channels) in our body. The fetus existed as a part of the mother, so also this Vidyā being the center of all mantras, connects us to the Universal Mother, rekindles the idea that we are a part of Her and is known as ‘Nābhi Vidyā’. The combinations of kādi and hādi are revealed in the dhyāna sloka of this vidyā in a coded language. Let us try to explore this in the next part.

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