This is part XIII of kundalini series. When your swadishtan chakra is fully activated, your fear for water recedes. Your intuitive power increases. Once you are through with swadishtan, you have to welcome the kundalini at manipuraka chakra. This is also called navel chakra and is situated exactly behind the navel. As said earlier, the energy of the chakras will be felt both in the front and back sides. Manipuraka chakra (henceforth will be referred as navel chakra) is a very important chakra and is associated with yellow colour. This chakra attains importance because it is situated in the centre of our body. Secondly, during our sojourn in the womb, we were connected to our mother through the navel.

Navel chakra is associated with fire and rajo guna. The earlier two chakras are associated with tamo guna and the first transformation of guna takes place here. In swadishtan you were purified with water and here you are purified with agni, the fire. Agni has a greater role to play in purification than water. The entry of kundalini into manipuraka chakra paves way for your transformation towards the spirituality. Spirituality is the foundation for realization. You have to walk through the path of spirituality to realise the atman. The steps that have been detailed earlier are to be followed for moving the kundalini from swadishtan to manipuraka. The orange colour of swadishtan will fade away into yellow colour of the navel chakra. During your meditation on the navel chakra you will visualise the golden yellow colour everywhere. You will be very thirsty when the navel chakra is well activated, due to its association with fire.

You will have no problem with your food. Whatever you eat will be digested because the kundalini kindles the fire for digestion. The fire for digestion is called jatharagni. This fire is kept under control due to the food and liquids we consume. If proper food is not consumed, this jatharagni will generate heat in the body. You should not starve without consuming anything. You can skip one of these three - breakfasts, lunch or dinner, but that skipping should be compensated with fruit juice or dairy products. You should never do any activity with empty stomach. Once kundalini reaches this chakra, you will be able to feel the presence of the higher chakras. The kundalini energy will be in a sort of hurry from this chakra onwards. This is because of her desire to conjoin with the bindu in the sahasrara. As you know, kundalini is Shakthi and the bindu is Shiva.

When kundalini is in the navel chakra, the gravitational pull on her will be less. Therefore, she will not go back to the base chakra on her own. She needs your help to go back to her house. When the navel chakra is well activated you will never have any disease relating to your abdominal region. To a certain extent you can tolerate the power of agni. You must have heard about walking on the fire. You can walk on the live charcoal without any fear. I personally undertook this venture and walked on the live charcoal fire. That was the first time when I attempted to do this. Huge logs were set on fire and logs were allowed to burn with high rising flames. Once the flames stopped, they immediately broke the live logs into small pieces and I was asked to walk over these pieces. I was terribly scared to even look at the burning fire spread across for about 15 feet. I meditated on my navel chakra for a minute and walked over the fire without any difficulty. These powers are normally derived when a chakra associated with a particular element is well activated. You begin to feel the warmth of love and love is identified with the heart chakra, the next higher chakra to the navel chakra. You are advancing well towards spirituality. You must remember to take back the kundalini to her house.