This is part V of mind series. We have seen earlier that conscious mind receives inputs through our sensory organs. How do our sensory organs collect their information? The information they collect are mostly from objects. Eyes see objects. Ears hear the sound produced by objects. Skin feels the touch of the objects. Nose realises the smell from the objects. Our mouth chews the objects. This is how sensory organs gather their inputs from the objects. Therefore we can say our conscious mind is connected or associated with objects. Hence, the conscious mind is always objective in nature. In the case of our subconscious mind it does not receive inputs from objects, whereas it receives inputs only from the conscious mind. Conscious mind does not just transfer the inputs it received from the sensory organs. Inputs received by the conscious mind based on the objects get processed and modified as subjects and then fed to the subconscious mind. What is the process and modification done by the conscious mind? Conscious mind receives only raw and fresh inputs. Such raw inputs are processed, modified and packed and sent to subconscious mind.

During this process, intelligence and emotions are added as preservatives. The packs thus received by the subconscious mind are unpacked and stored in the subconscious mind itself. It must be remembered that we need intelligence to recognize atman in our self, which is otherwise called self realisation. This intelligence is provided by the subconscious mind. Hence subconscious mind is subjective in nature. It is subjective because this modification takes place within the mind itself. The subconscious mind becomes very powerful as it stores the processed and ready to use materials. It is like a computer hard disc where all the information is stored, ready for retrieval at any time. It is you who provide inputs to your mind like providing data to the hard disc. The hard disc accepts whatever the data you provide, whether your data is right or wrong. In the same way your subconscious mind accepts whatever the data provided by your conscious mind. Subconscious mind does not have the capacity to evaluate its inputs. But inputs to the mind through the sensory organs have been already analyzed and evaluated by the conscious mind. We can now fairly understand the functions of mind and also its power. Mind is the most powerful tool of all the creations. That is why pages and pages have been used to discuss about the mind. Mind attains great importance because it is the mind that needs to be tuned to realise God.

God exists everywhere and we just need to realise this fact. Why we are advised to go to temples or any other places of worship? Why we are advised to study the epics? Why we are advised to perform mantra japas? Why we are advised to sing or at least listen to songs in praise of God? Why we are advised to take bath in holy rivers? Why we are asked to light incense sticks in places of worship? Why idols of Gods are adorned with flowers? For all these questions and for many more such questions, the answer is the same; for providing positive influence on our sensory organs. When your conscious mind receives positive inputs from the sensory organs, these positive inputs are processed and endowed with knowledge and emotions and stored in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is now highly energized and ready to act and act decisively. We will continue to discuss more about mind in subsequent postings.