This is part XXV of kundalini series. Chanting of OM activates the ajna chakra. Complete activation of ajna chakra is very important for advanced spiritual guidance. You have to visualise that OM originates from your perineum; goes up through the path of kundalini (central canal of the spinal cord) expanded in your throat area and delivered through your mouth. You should keep your mouth open while delivering A and U literally pulling out the sound of OM from your perineum. Keep your mouth closed and deliver M with a humming sound. The humming sound should be alternated between high and low pitch. First, inhale deeply, expanding your stomach, and while delivering OM gradually contract your stomach.

While delivering M, contract your stomach in stages, synchronizing with high pitch of humming and by the time you are about to be out of breath, stomach should have been contracted to your maximum ability. If this is followed, not only your kundalini is made to ascend properly, but your ajna chakra will be fully activated. Concentration should be both on throat chakra and ajna chakra. You can do mula bhandha while delivering M. You can also bite your teeth while delivering M about which we have already discussed. These two can supplement your other efforts. It is better that you learn this with the help of a master. This will also clear the way for the kundalini to ascend upwards to sahasrara, by piercing the Rudra granthi. Rudra granthi is just above ajna chakra. This block of Rudra granthi can be removed by doing jalandra bhandha, either during meditation or prior to meditation.

When ajna chakra is well activated, it is not difficult to pierce this granthi. However, this is the difficult granthi to cross and possibly need more time and practice. Blessings by Gurus are necessary for this. As we discussed earlier, proper activation of ajna chakra will receive Gurus’ blessings. Once this last hurdle is crossed, nothing can stop you to reach sahasrara chakra. When ajna chakra is well activated you may also get some siddhis, which you should ignore after testing them once. If lower chakras are not opened properly, ajna chakra will not be activated. If you do not get any siddhis it is an indication that your chakras are not activated well and you need more practice. Beyond this point, your consciousness will play a vital role in establishing links with various higher sources. You cannot go wrong from this point. If you go wrong, there will be divine intervention to correct you. Up to this point, your progress depends upon your practice. Beyond this point, you need, not much of practice as you will be guided by divine intervention.