Let us do some meditation. Ensure that your stomach is almost empty. Choose a well ventilated place. Make a comfortable seat. Choose a seat with a flat surface and spread a soft towel over it. Do not use cushioned surface. You can keep a water bottle by your side. Preferably do not sit directly under a ceiling fan or closer to a table fan. If weather is hot, you may use your air conditioner. You tend to sweat during a good meditation. Do the stretching exercises which we have discussed earlier. Rotating your arms, rotating your hip and moving your head up and down are important stretching exercises. Do not skip these exercises. Keep you body fresh.

Now take your seat. Ensure your arms do not touch your trunk by keeping adequate space in the armpits. It is not necessary that you should keep your palms locked but it is essential that your arms do not touch your trunk. If you choose to sit on the floor, do not apply pressure in your legs. It is not necessary that you should sit in padmasana. Any posture convenient to you can be chosen. Relax your entire body. Slightly push back your shoulders and head. Keep your spine erect. Keep your eyes open. Inhale slowly by making your stomach bloat and exhale slowly by pushing your stomach in. Do this breathing a few times. Then inhale and exhale fast and deep. Take rest by resorting to normal breathing. Now let us start OM meditation. Close your eyes lightly. Take a deep breath. By chanting OM, exhale slowly. Let us assume that you take about 15 seconds for exhalation by chanting OM. Use the first 4 seconds for uttering O, use the next 4 seconds for uttering M and during the last 7 seconds just observe in silence. You can modify 4+4+7 seconds according to your convenience. When you say O, your lips take a position as if you are going to whistle. When you say M, first you have to close your lips, then bite your teeth and finally observe the vibration and energy. These three steps should be done one after another. Move the vibration from the mouth to the top of your head. Though this will happen automatically, you have to consciously move the energy upwards to connect with the chakra at the top of your head.

In the initial stage of this practice, you may not be able to move this vibration or energy to the top of the head. First you will feel the energy in your nose, then in the forehead area and only in the advanced stage in the top of the head and also in the back head. Once you are done with this, relax by resorting to normal breathing. When you feel comfortable and at ease, start the second round. In a minute possibly you can do one or two rounds. Observing your vibration or energy going up is important. Though there is no need for fixed duration for this practice, ideally twice a day with 10 minutes each will be good in the beginning. A good practice of this OM meditation is important for proceeding to Kundalini meditation, which we are going to discuss later. In OM meditation, your thought and mind will never disturb you. For any clarification or further guidance please write to me at feedback@manblunder.com.

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