We have been repeatedly talking about prakasha and vimarsha forms. We only know that prakasha form represent Shiva and vimarsha form represent Shakthi. Shiva or prakasha is pure and unblemished light and Shakthi or vimarsha is the realisation of this pure light. Prakasha and vimarsha cannot be separated. There is a Sanskrit saying that word and its meaning cannot be separated; in the same way Parvathi (Shakthi) and Parameshwaran (Shiva) cannot be separated. When there is a brilliant light, you need knowledge to realise it as light. Suppose there is candle burning, and on seeing the candle with light you can say that the candle gives light. When you want to see a candle light, you need to have a lighted candle. The light and its visibility though separate, are interdependent. This is called prakasha vimarsha maya or the Absolute. Sound originates from this Absolute form.

This Absolute form is also called paravac form. In this article the usage of paravac means the Absolute form or prakasha vimarsha maya form. This paravac is primeval stage. The sound in this stage can be called as a seed that has not yet germinated. When the seed begins its germination, this stage is called pashyanthi. At this stage the seed has the desire to grow. The stem becomes visible and the seed is set to commence its journey of growth. Though we know for certain that there is going to be a tree at a future date, we do not know how the tree would be, big or small, fruit bearing or barren etc. When the seed grows to a certain height, we are able to see its leaves and we will be able to identify what type of tree that would be. This stage is called madhyama. The seed further grows, and we are able to see its flowers and fruits. We are able to recognize the nature of this seed totally now. The complete picture is available to us at this stage. This is called vakikari stage. These three stages originated from the form of the Absolute. We call this Absolute form as paravac. Para mean the highest form or the supreme form and vac means sound. Paravac means the supreme form of sound. From this para form or the seed form sound germinates, grows and yield fruits in the form of words. The result is a full word with meaning. In a human being this paravac is said to be in the form of kundalini energy situated in the muladhara chakra or base chakra. From the base chakra, the seed of the sound begins its assent, reaches manipuraka chakra or naval chakra in the form of pashyanthi , moves to heart chakra in the form madhyama and reaches throat chakra as vaikari. From the throat chakra the physical form of words are delivered. The vibration of kundalini energy is the seed of the sound. When a desire of speech arises, it manifests as shbdhabrahman at muladhara and moves up to take a physical form and delivered through throat chakra in the form of vaikari. Shabdabrahman is the Brahman in the form of sound. Like universe manifesting from the Brahman, words originate from shabdabrahman.

This is the origin of sound. Let us look into the evolution of sound in the next posting.