Our brain and mind play an important role in our consciousness. Higher level of consciousness can be achieved by making a beginning with internal introspection, which is possible only through meditation. The level of consciousness can be modified by regulating prana which is called the life energy. The prana if regulated properly at the various chakras lead to mystical powers. The level of spirituality varies at each of the chakras. Obviously spirituality is at its lowest ebb at muladhara or base chakra. The prana and consciousness makes the kundalini ascend to higher chakras, where higher level spirituality is realised. The spiritual level of a person is directly connected to his attitude and behavior.

Let us call prana and consciousness together as spiritual energy. If this spiritual energy ascends to higher chakras, apart from higher level of spirituality, higher level of positive attitude and positive behavioral pattern is also achieved. Spiritual energy is the pilot engine for kundalini energy. Unless the spiritual energy cleanses a chakra, kundalini energy will not reach that chakra. This has already been discussed in our series on kundalini. The former is only the energy and latter is the Spirit itself. Cleansing and activating the chakras with spiritual energy is possible for all of us. Higher level of awareness and slow and deep breathing are the only requirements for activating the spiritual energy. Surely one can afford to spend a few minutes daily on this, in order to develop positive attitude in life.

When the spiritual energy reaches higher chakras you develop all positive qualities. Such positive qualities not only develop your skills but also improve your body language and confidence level. Therefore spirituality does not deal with the Spirit alone, but also deals with behavioral science. Praying to God is nothing but the union of body, mind and consciousness. If any of the three does not unite with the other two, prayers are not answered. If they are well connected, the prayers are always answered, without exception. It is my personal opinion that prana does not mean the air we breathe in.

Prana is the combination of breathing and consciousness. When you are able to concentrate on a particular chakra, your inhalation and exhalation is automatically visualised in that chakra. You may not be aware of this phenomenon when your level of consciousness is very high. Undoubtedly kundalini meditation is the best way to realise the God. But we have to remember that it is not the only way. First develop your positive qualities, which will form a strong foundation to higher level of spirituality. Do not attach too much importance to kundalini meditation. Kundalini will be aroused automatically if you could spend five minutes of practice daily on the lines discussed above.