One of our readers said that there should be a proper reconciliation of science and spirituality (comments are now available for easy viewing in the side bar). Spirituality can be explained as a study concerning with things of the Spirit. Can spirituality be related to mythology? If we want to, we have to understand what mythology is. Mythology is nothing but a story retold several times over a period of time. Since it is not backed by any theory or analysis it is not a science. Our mind acts on such myths and works at higher levels of consciousness leading to some metaphysical experience. Metaphysics is the philosophical study of being and knowing and is associated with theory and analysis of being and knowing, through the study of mental life which is called psychology, a subject of science. When we talk about spirituality normally we tend to think on the ritual worship.

A person who does all the holy rituals is considered as a spiritually advanced person, which is a wrong notion. This is called devotion. Devotion is nothing but ardent love for some object. Therefore devotion is based upon religions and religious faiths. You cannot love something that does not exist. Therefore you have to have an object to develop your devotion. Devotion is different from spirituality. Spirituality is a subject that purely depends on metaphysics and psychology. As we have seen earlier that both these are subjects of science and not myths. We talk about mind and matter in spirituality, a study of abstract that exists only in the mind; separated from embodiment, being pass over to the concrete, capable of being perceived by the senses; not abstract or imaginary. We do not blindly discuss in spirituality. We talk about static and kinetic energies while discussing creation.

Spirituality does not say that the universe was born on a single day. It talks about evolution of mind and body, it talks about the five elements that we know, it talks about the progress, and it talks about energy ( for example kundalini energy) which also we know. Therefore spirituality is an advanced study of science that is associated with modifications and changes that are both gross as well as subtle. When we refer to oxygen, we are not saying so by seeing its gross form (oxygen is not visible in its gross form), but realising its subtle form (the creative and sustaining power of oxygen). This is exactly what spirituality is, a study concerning subtle matter packed in a gross form, our physical body, like oxygen filled in a cylinder. Once we understand the difference between spirituality and devotion, we can with authenticity affirm that spirituality is the study and practice of the highest level of science. But now-a-days, this is made as a money spinning business that leads to this unfortunate confusion.

Spirituality cannot be bought and sold. It is to be learnt initially from a master and further development is based on our own efforts. It is like a scientist researching on his subject, the basics of which had been learnt during his university days. That is why spirituality says that one should explore within.