In the present day life, all of us are undergoing some pain or other and in order to obliterate it, we rush to either to the so called gurus or astrologers. If anyone can relieve our pains, then the very concept of karma becomes questionable. In general, most of the pains are related to either monetary or marital or profession. We have to understand that Law of Karma is the Supreme Law and it is also known as Law of the Lord. Karmas are to be experienced and we have no escape from karmic afflictions. But using our intellect, we can use our Freewill to spread our sufferings over a period of time, instead of falling into deathlike situations. As we have already discussed repeatedly, further accrual of karmas stop, the moment we realize the Self. Astrology is an ancient science used to foretell certain things in our lives to a certain extent. But nobody can predict accurately, as Law of Karma is Supreme and is considered as Divine Secret and can never be decoded.

Astrological remedies are only psychological in nature and can never stop a particular thing that is already encrypted in our karmic account. Any astrological remedy that is associated with money will never work. Of late, it has become a routine that expensive astrological remedies are suggested like participating in a homa (fire ritual) or other rituals for which lots of money is demanded. A person goes to an astrologer, only when he is in trouble. Demanding money to perform rituals to ward off the evil effects of planets is the worst sin one can think of. This tantamounts to misguiding and misleading an already worn out person, knowing fully well that such remedial measures will not solve the problem. If they can solve the problem, then Law of Karma is obliterated. Instead of performing such rituals by borrowing money, if we are able to affirm all positive things, we can surely get over the difficult times, with ease. There is nothing called ancestral curse (pitṛdoṣa). Our forefathers will never curse us. It is our duty to take care of our parents and grandparents when they are alive. If we don’t we will accrue bad karmas, and not pitṛdoṣa. Further, each soul is bound by its own karmic influence and nobody can curse or inflict other damages to another person. This is a myth and most of the remedies are very expensive and beyond the reach of even upper middle class people. Performing such remedies is of no use, except enfeebling of our finances.

Similarly there are people who call themselves as gurus and for each and everything they also suggest some remedies. They pretend that they talk to God and declare that they act according to the wishes of God. Is it so easy to talk to God? Sages and saints who have meditated for years were not able to get the voice of God. How someone from nowhere can speak to God and suggest remedies. External marks and symbols do not make a Guru. A Guru is the one, who never declares himself as Guru, as he exists in egoless state. Fake gurus lure people to spend money, mostly huge sums to get rid of our difficult times. If some guru demands money for everything, we can be rest assured that he is fake. Similar is the case of mantra initiations. Divine mantras are not commercial commodities and they are priceless. If someone gets an initiation for a huge sum, then both the initiator and the initiated accrue huge karmas, which will spread over several transmigrations. Therefore, the first signs of noticing a self-proclaimed guru is money. If one demands money, then he is not a real Guru. However, according to Upaniṣad-s, a disciple is supposed to pay guru dakṣiṇa to his Guru. In those days, a samidh (firewood, fuel, a log of wood for homa)was offered to Guru while seeking spiritual guidance. Even now, guru dakṣiṇa can be offered to real Gurus, but surely not huge sums. Such dakṣiṇa is to be decided by the disciple base upon his financial condition. If someone gives guru dakṣiṇa beyond his financial capacities, then he is sure to accrue karmas for making such a sinful act.

Some of the so called gurus also lure people to do some pūjā or other by extorting money. They inculcate a fear in our minds that we will accrue guru doṣa if we do not obey their instructions. Yes, Guru doṣa is there, but it is applicable only to the realized Gurus and not the self-proclaimed gurus. The worst of curses from self-proclaimed gurus will never affect us and this fear should be removed from our minds. We can confidently say no to these self-proclaimed gurus. Someone may also develop psychic abilities by serious practice. They may also perform certain miracles or even work on our minds, using some of the hypnotic practices. During their so called sermons, our minds will be corrupted and we will be forced to part with our money for their welfare, etc. Such self-proclaimed gurus are psychopaths.

Many people are simply seeking the tantric path, without knowing its full implications and purport. Tantric path is not the sexual path and sadly many of the self-proclaimed gurus use the vulnerability of women to initiate them in the most inappropriate manner. Tantric path is full of tough practices and it is not about liquor and sex alone. We should never be lured by loving words of self-proclaimed gurus. Tantric path is not meant for those who are still associated with material world. We have to stay away from these types of initiations. Many of the self-proclaimed gurus carry so many prefixes and suffixes. Such gurus are to be totally avoided, as no one will declare himself as a Self-realized person. Those who impart spirituality by establishing huge ashrams are also to be ignored. Spirituality can never be learnt amidst posh ashrams with lush greenery.

A true Guru will not have a coterie and all are equal to him. Further, a true Guru is always accessible and his student can approach him directly without going through anyone else. Relationship between a Guru and a disciple is always one to one, as only a Self-realized Guru alone can impart the knowledge of God. If we are not able to find a True Guru, we can learn about spirituality by reading great Upaniṣad-s. Spending money and wasting time and energy to learn spirituality is not a good idea and should be dispensed without hesitation. No wrong will happen to us if we walk out of self-proclaimed gurus. Let us have faith in our ancient Gurus and they will lead us to the path to Self-realization.

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