Śuddhavidyodayāccakreśatvasiddhi शुद्धविद्योदयाच्चक्रेशत्वसिद्धिः (sūtra 21)

Śuddhavidyā – pure consciousness arising out of purity of knowledge; udayāt – appearance; cakra – the combined effect of all śaktī-s or powers; īśatva – supremacy or masterly; siddhiḥ - attainment;

The yogi by using his will power (previous sūtra) realizes (by appearance) the collective effect of allśaktī-s (energies or powers) and attains mastery over them.

This is the process of connecting individual consciousness with universal consciousness. Śiva consciousness is the ultimate consciousness or universal consciousness. There is nothing beyond this point. Unless one’s own consciousness is in absolute purity, it is not possible to transcend several other higher levels of consciousness to reach the ultimate stage of universal consciousness or Śiva consciousness. When such a person is able to merge his individual consciousness with Supreme consciousness, he becomes That. In other words, he becomes transformed as Śiva. Only in that state, he is able to master all energy levels that keep the universe going. He attains supremacy only because of the purity of his consciousness level that arises only because of purity of his knowledge. Purity of knowledge can be explained as understanding the omnipresence nature of the Divine. Due to ubiquitous nature of Divine energy, every object that one comes across becomes divine. This is the basic explanation of pure knowledge.

The purity of consciousness takes place in two stages. In the first stage, one feels ‘I am also That’. This is significantly different from ‘I am That’, which is the second stage. In the first stage, the individual identity is not totally dissolved, whereas in the second stage there is no individual existence.

By persistent practice, ‘I am That’ gets firmed up and ultimately he becomes That Itself, paving way for dissolving ‘I am’ totally. There remains only ‘That’. Only in such a stage, super human powers as detailed in these sūtra-s are attained. When one transforms into Śiva, naturally he attains the powers of Śiva.

This stage can be attained only perseverance and practice. Sincerity pays rich dividends in spiritual practice.

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