Udyamo bhairava. उद्यमो भैरव: (sūtrā 5)

Udayama + Bhairava is udyamo bhairavaḥ. Literally udyamo means pinnacle of consciousness, the reward for one’s spiritual perseverance. One cannot reach a highest point without dedication and perseverance. In this context, perseverance means the cognitive process of the mind. The highest level of spirituality cannot be attained by physical exertion. Spirituality has nothing to do with physical exertion, as Shiva can be realized only through mental attunement. Therefore, udyamo means the sudden realization of Shiva that takes place in a fraction of a second in the midst purest form of consciousness. It is like a reservoir. When a reservoir is full, it begins to overflow. When spiritual knowledge is total, it begins to outpour leading to bliss and consequent realization. Udyamo refers to this situation. Bhairavaḥ means Shiva. This aphorism says that Shiva is realized just like a flash of light in the arena of serene consciousness.

This flash is called pratibhā. Pratibhā means, to appear to the mind, flash upon the thoughts, become clear or manifest. The krama system (Kashmiri Saivism has three distinct systems. They are krama, pratybhijñā and kula systems. Krama system says that purification of definitive idea is the means to the realization of the Ultimate. It is the nature of indetermination where purification happens through successive stages from nothingness to perfect clarity) recognizes five powers, the power of creation, the power of sustenance, the power of annihilation, indescribable and bhāsā. Out of the five, bhāsā is said to be the important one. This bhāsā is known as pratibhā. Bhāsā is explained as light, luster, brightness and impression made on the mind. Realization always takes place in the arena of mind when one is in the stage of blissfulness.

The pratibhā happens only if mind is focused on Bhairva. If another thought originates, apart from the thought of Bhairava, pratibhā never unfolds. The unfoldment of pratibhā is called unmeṣa. Unmeṣa refers to the emergence of the highest level of consciousness, where Shiva is revealed. It is the focused internalization of thought process, at the end of which Shiva is revealed, in a fraction of a second. From the next second onwards, he does not remain as the same person, as he was earlier. Now he understands the omnipresence of Shiva.

This sūtrā says that Self-realization can be happen, only through the process of meditation, for which one has to look within. If one happens to look externally, he gets associated with senses that in turn make the mind deluded and making it impossible to focus within. When internalized focus does not materialize, the consciousness cannot attain the state of perfect clarity.