Svamātrānirmāam āpādayati स्वमात्रानिर्माणमापादयति (sūtra III.17)

Svamātrā – according to the measure of his own (creative) consciousness; nirmāṇam – creation; āpādayati – produces

The aspirant whose consciousness is firmly set on the svātantryaśakti, by transcending time and space is rewarded to create depending upon the degree of his transformation. The power of creation is attained by the aspirant as an expression of his Will. The purest form of consciousness is highly potent and if this is properly transported, all the limitations are transcended. Limitation is caused only by the cozened mind. When the mind is completely purified, it is empowered with pure knowledge or śuddha vidyā, which takes care of the aspirant’s further spiritual progress.

Gabriel Pradiipaka has given a detailed explanation on sva. "His own (svasya) (creative) Consciousness (caitanyasya)”, but this is a way to explain what literally means “one’s own Self”. Obviously, each of us can create according to the measure or aspect of his own recognition of the Self. But in the case of a great Yogī, being a suprabuddha or perfectly awakened, the measure of his creative Consciousness is his own Self fully. In other words, Svá can be translated here as “his own Self” because the great Yogī has realized Him completely. So, his creative Consciousness amounts to his Self as a whole, while in the rest of the aspirants “svá” amounts to the proportion of their recognition of the Self. This proportion varies according to the level of the aspirant, but in a suprabuddha the proportion is 100%."

This sūtra says that the aspirant who has reached this stage is capable of subjective creation. Universal manifestation is different from individual manifestation. The aspirant at this stage does not have ability or capacity for universal manifestation. He has to further move up the spiritual path for complete transformation or to become one with Śiva.