Vidyāvināśe janmavināśa विद्याविनाशे जन्मविनाशः॥ (sūtra III.18)

Vidyā – the pure knowledge of the aspirant as discussed in the previous aphorism; avināśe – imperishable; janma – birth (process of transmigration); vināśaḥ - annihilation.

When an aspirant has attained pure knowledge and abides in that incessantly, there is a possibility of cessation of further transmigration. Now, the emphasis is being laid for the continued connectivity with the highest level of consciousness. He is not prohibited from carrying out his normal duties as a person, but, he should continue to be immersed in God consciousness. God consciousness is not something new that he had accomplished. It was with him all the time, unexplored. He has, by tenacious practice and perseverance, realised the hitherto unnoticed God consciousness within. Now that he has realised his true inherent nature, he has to stay with that pure knowledge all the time. If the perpetual connection is lost momentarily, he has to begin the tedious process all over again.

The result of perpetual realisation of the highest level of consciousness within is astonishing. The aphorism says that if the aspirant continues to be submerged in the unpolluted consciousness within, there exists every possibility for the cessation of his transmigration. But the cessation of transmigration is not certain at the present stage of the aspirant.