Prāasamācāre samadarśanam प्राणसमाचारे समदर्शनम् (sūtra III.22)

Prāṇa – the vital breath; samācāre – slow spreading; sama – equal; darśanam – awareness or perception.

For that aspirant who enters turya state with his awareness on his inner Self as detailed in the previous aphorism, his prāṇa slowly spreads outwardly. His consciousness that was focussed internally now begins to flow externally making him to become one with universal consciousness. When prāṇa moves through the central canal of the spinal cord or suṣumna after comfortably crossing through the three granthi-s by reaching higher cakra-s, he moves beyond all dyads and all limitations and identifies himself with God’s entire creation. The one, who has realized the Self within, begins to realise external world as well. For him everyone is the same and literally speaking he truly exhibits universal brotherhood. His internal vibrations permeate through his body radiating his spiritual luminousness establishing him in higher frequencies.