Mātrāsvapratyayasandhāne naṣṭasya punarutthānam (sutra III.24)
मात्रास्वप्रत्ययसन्धाने नष्टस्य पुनरुत्थानम्॥

mātrā – object; svapratyaya – real I consciousness; sandhāne – union; naṣṭasya – disappear; punarutthānam - reappearance.

When the yogi whose real I consciousness disappears for a moment by associating with objective world, reappears again.

The spiritual conjugation leading to turya stage is attained by surmounting different hurdles by dedicated practice, perseverance and an effective mind control, which otherwise becomes not possible. Only the yogi alone knows the difficulty of the path that he had traversed to reach his present stage. Sometimes, the yogi’s level of consciousness could momentarily retreat when his sensory perceptions predominate. All along, even during his three mundane level of consciousness, turya stage prevailed. In other words, the yogi continued spiritual conjugation even during his normal activities. This aphorism says that such momentary disjunction can be overcome and he regains his original state of turya.