Kathā japa कथा जपः॥(sūtra III.27)

kathā – conversation; japaḥ - muttering mantra.

For the yogi whom we are discussing about, whatever he converses with others are like muttering mantra-s. This is because he always establishes Himself in God consciousness. As a result of this, whatever he says turns out to be a prayer for the welfare of the humanity. He does not need anything for his self as he is totally submerged in the eternal bliss. When one establishes his consciousness at the highest level, he remains as a contended person. He is not interested in materialistic life, as he knows that material objects are not eternal. He is fully aware of the difference between his eternal bliss and impermanent materialistic life.

This sūtra says that such a yogi who is drenched in the eternal bliss, even his ordinary conversation is just like muttering mantra. It is said that this kind of consciousness the yogi has, is the highest of Śakti, the supreme I consciousness that is fully charged with knowledge.