Dānamātmajñānam दानमात्मज्ञानम्॥ (sūtra III.28)

dānam – gift; ātma – Self (the Brahman); jñānam – knowledge.

The yogī whom we are discussing about exists only for the sake of doing good for the humanity. He considers that imparting knowledge about the Supreme is his gift to the humanity. Imparting knowledge is nothing but sharing his experience with God. He does not dwell on theoretical aspect, which is always tiresome. Since he shares his personal experience, those who listen to him are able to understand the difference between differentiated perception and the eternal Truth. He has all the qualities of a true spiritual master. Those who are destined to pursue the path of liberation go to him for making significant spiritual progress.

Out of all the gifts, gifting spiritual knowledge is considered to be the best. Significant spiritual progress cannot be attained by merely studying scriptures. Theoretical knowledge is to be complemented by practice. Anyone who is well versed in the scriptures can impart theoretical knowledge; whereas practical knowledge can be imparted only by a person who has personally experienced of what is taught by scriptures. Only such a yogi or guru can identify certain spiritual centres in an aspirant. By activating such spiritual centres, an aspirant is made to pursue spiritual path with absolute faith and determination. Such a yogī-cum-spiritual master is able to carry with him all his disciples till they become perfectly fit to attain liberation. Hence, it is said that one should seek a perfect Guru for gaining real spiritual experience. An unguided aspirant often undergoes falsified spiritual experience, which is more dangerous than ignorance.